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Topic: Interview with Elliot Goldenthal

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    Interview with Elliot Goldenthal

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    BBC Radio have just broadcast an hour long programme about / interview with Elliot Goldenthal. Its the same programme that did the recent Danny Elfman interview.


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    Re: Interview with Elliot Goldenthal

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    Thanks andyt!


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    Re: Interview with Elliot Goldenthal

    Cool. Thanks Andy, i never got to check out that Elfman Interview. I cant seem to find it on the site..Any links that i might be missing? Best, Rich

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    Re: Interview with Elliot Goldenthal

    Thanks a million Andy!

    Folks, these BBC interviews are pure gold, I can\'t recommend checking them out highly enough.


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    Re: Interview with Elliot Goldenthal

    Yeah, thanks Andy,
    That was a much needed hour break from the drudgery of listening to my own comps. Any of you guys figure out how (if) those can be downloaded? I was a fan before but I think I am going to put him in to heavier rotation for a while and see what rubs off.


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    Re: Interview with Elliot Goldenthal

    Excellent program. Thanks for the link.

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    Re: Interview with Elliot Goldenthal

    Thank you very much, Andy. Lots to learn from this interview... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Interview with Elliot Goldenthal

    Hi Andy,

    Another good interview and glad you remind when they come.

    He has a unique way of capturing sound from acoustic instruments. I know some of it is pure electronics, and some of it is doing \"abnormal\" things with traditional instruments - guitars with all strings tuned to the same note, or using a bow across a piano string etc. But even for the normal instruments, like the classical guitar at the end - he is doing something different to create a close up edge. Maybe it\'s just lots of reverb? Very close mic placement? I wish the interview would have talked more to the mechanics of his recording/sampling. I walked away from the interview for about five minutes. - just my luck that\'s when he talked to this.

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    Re: Interview with Elliot Goldenthal

    WOW, awesome interview!


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    Re: Interview with Elliot Goldenthal

    Glad you all enjoyed it.
    I am not sure they can be downloaded.
    I recieve radio on my DAB card in my PC (do you have Digial Audio Broadcast or similar in the states?)... which records them straight to MP3 ~ about 54M for for a one hour programme.
    The other way to do it would be to record the audio stream using wavelab or something. ... but yo\'ve probably figured this out for yorselves.

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