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Topic: OT Going Bananas

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    OT Going Bananas

    Hello, all. It's been a while since I posted here. Lately I have been tearing out what's left of my rapidly-graying hair over an annoying audio problem. I would be grateful for any ideas on how to remedy it.

    I have an old stereo system that I hardly ever use (purchased at a time when the word "system" usually meant your stereo and not your computer). These days, I mostly listen to music through my Blue-ray DVD player and my home theater speakers, but I keep the old stereo around so I can play my LPs or cassette tapes when the mood strikes me (or when my nieces and nephews -- who have a lot of curiosity about antiquated home entertainment -- are visiting).

    My speaker cables were terminated with banana plugs, crimped on for good ... or so I thought. Two of them got damaged when I moved, a couple of years ago, resulting in sporadic static and dropouts. (I tested the amp outputs and speaker with the undamaged cable, to be sure that the problem was with the plugs). So, I cut off the plugs from both cables and discarded them, and tried using the bare wire, but they slip right out of the jacks on the speakers and bunch up in the amp jacks.

    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find replacement connectors. Apparently, what they call "banana plugs" these days are thicker than the ones designed for my amp and speakers, so now I'm faced with prospect of replacing some perfectly good (if rarely used) equipment because I can't find banana plugs that fit. If anyone knows of a source for the smaller connectors, I would appreciate it if you could post a link here.


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    Re: OT Going Bananas

    I would try looking at Amazon for new plugs and cables. They have a huge selection of nearly everything.


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    Re: OT Going Bananas

    The original spec (from 1924) for banana plugs is 4mm diameter. As Richard says, there are many available from Amazon.

    If the pins are too loose, try taking a jeweler's screwdriver and prying the shank of the prongs apart a little.

    If all else fails, replacement epee body chord 4mm pins would probably work. You can order these from Absolute Fencing Gear: http://www.absolutefencinggear.com/s...p.php/cPath/51
    Shipping is somewhat expensive for a small order.

    If you need 3mm plugs, here is another source:


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    Re: OT Going Bananas

    Thanks for all the info. It was helpful. I think I see what the problem is. The banana plugs shown in the picture on your 2nd link are thicker in the middle than at the ends. The original connectors (which I threw out) were sold as "banana plugs" by Monster Cable are straight. Radio Shack currently sells the straight version (identifying them as banana plugs) but they are a wider diameter and won't fit the jacks on the speakers or amp.

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