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Topic: Fighting the Good Fight

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    Fighting the Good Fight

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    Now all I see are the same weasels calling me a liar. Saying that I have nothing. Saying I am some evil person.
    Here is my deal as many of you children have asked of me. I am a 42-year-old working studio engineer who cannot stand to watch snot nosed kids get in the way of hard working professionals. You know who you are. They are now trying to hide their tracks by mocking Mr. XXXX, Mr. XXXX and Mr. XXXX and other composers. Making light of their own behavior is what they will attempt to do.
    They will not deny their own words but won’t admit to the truth. They will not simply say that they are wrong. The think themselves too cool to say sorry and the real musicians on the boards suffer because of the antics of a few bad apples.

    Read below to catch a glimpse at my point. Attention to all real musicians….

    Fight the good fight!

    Mike G


    -14:06- -puppetcat- asapp doug gonna kil you
    -14:06- -MeloBop- I was just about to upload Malmsjö Grand
    -14:06- -MeloBop- shhhh

    -MeloBop- you need to take out Draagens: QLSO Is amazing aaron
    -14:10- -MeloBop-
    -14:10- -MeloBop- or it doesnt make sense
    -14:10- -puppetcat- lol
    -14:10- -p01ar- because you also say the contrary
    -14:10- -p01ar- and people would believe you think it sounds ****
    -14:10- -p01ar- which it doesn\'t
    -14:11- -p01ar- it sounds actually very good
    -14:11- -p01ar- but the programming
    -14:11- -p01ar- and kompakt
    -14:11- -MeloBop- and the recording
    -14:11- -MeloBop- and the playing
    -14:11- -MeloBop- mostly the playing
    -14:11- -p01ar- melo....
    -14:11- -MeloBop-
    -14:11- -MeloBop- and articulation decisions
    -14:11- MeloBop rolls eyes
    -14:11- -MeloBop-
    -14:11- -p01ar- where is that :eyeroll: when you need it

    -MeloBop- aaron you have access to francis\' forum?
    -14:16- -Draagen- Hhahahahaha
    -14:16- -MeloBop- werent you doing some DIVA demo?
    -14:16- -Draagen- Melo hahahah
    -14:16- -MeloBop- I wonder if anything is going on overthere
    -14:16- -MeloBop- they are not letting me in
    -14:16- -Draagen- Melo - I would gladly go there
    -14:16- -Draagen- I will make a Houston Haynes profile
    -14:16- -Draagen- lol
    -14:17- -MeloBop- I tried making a Last****a one
    -14:17- -MeloBop- they got mad
    -14:17- -Draagen- hahahahahah
    -14:17- -MeloBop- and wrote about it at NS
    -14:17- -Draagen- oh god
    -14:17- -MeloBop- \"IP is being traced\"
    -14:17- -MeloBop- haha
    -14:17- -Draagen- oh dear
    -14:17- -MeloBop- so ****ing what
    -14:17- -MeloBop-
    -14:17- -Draagen- well we have similar ips
    -14:17- -Draagen- : ))))
    -14:17- -A_Sapp- me diva demo?

    -14:25- -Draagen- post it
    -14:25- -Draagen- post it
    -14:25- -Draagen- bitch him
    -14:25- -Draagen- NS been so boring lately
    -14:25- -Draagen- spice it up
    -14:26- -A_Sapp- I\'m probably gonna get screwed in one way or another when the developers see this
    -14:26- -A_Sapp- hehe
    -14:26- -A_Sapp- maybe herb will like me

    -14:27- -A_Sapp- well, theres no law saying he can\'t copy/paste logs

    -14:31- -Jazz2k- What if that francis picture talk gets out
    -14:31- -Jazz2k- Hehehe
    -14:31- -Jazz2k- Or the marc derell stuff
    -14:31- -Jazz2k- Hehehe
    -14:31- -puppetcat- heheh
    -14:31- -Jazz2k- Not that I care, but it could get ugly

    -14:35- -Jazz2k- Diva X a step backwards?
    -14:35- -MothU- digital smell?
    -14:35- -Draagen- Yes - its called DEVOLUTION jazz
    -14:35- -Draagen- : )
    -14:35- -Jazz2k- Hehe [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    -14:35- -Draagen- Genetic degeneration
    -14:35- -Jazz2k- Decomposing
    -14:35- -Draagen- Precisely - thats more like Zombie word u use
    -14:35- -Draagen- hehehe
    -14:35- -Draagen- Which is appropiate
    -14:35- -Draagen- lol
    -14:36- -Jazz2k- Well, AND a pun

    -14:40- -MeloBop- ftp://ftp.simonravn.com/VSL-online-for-free/
    -14:40- -MeloBop- login VSL, password: free
    -14:40- -MothU- shouldn\'t that be ftp://ftp.simonravn.com/VSLPro-online-for-free/

    -14:52- -MeloBop- sounds phasey and strange
    -14:52- -MeloBop- the choir stuff is better
    -14:52- -MeloBop- ensemble
    -14:52- -Damon007- melo can u log into the VSL beta area anymore?
    -14:52- -MeloBop- but sounds strange
    -14:52- -MeloBop- and untight
    -14:52- -Daedman- the attacks are a \"little\" strong
    -14:52- -MeloBop- Damon007 they killed the forum
    -14:52- -Damon007- i cant seem to find it on the site
    -14:52- -TOB-gtown- cya guys

    -15:08- -MeloBop- we dont trade GPO here
    -15:08- -MeloBop- we only do expensive libs

    -Jazz2k- I\'ll write \"ignorance is bliss... for us\"
    -15:22- -p01ar- mention no trading of NFR or else
    -15:23- -p01ar- ^don\'t forget to
    -15:23- -Jazz2k- Hehe
    -15:23- -MeloBop- we ONLY trade NFR\'s
    -15:23- -puppetcat-
    -15:23- -p01ar- loool
    -15:23- -p01ar- yes.. the NFRs of tomorrow
    -15:23- -p01ar- like GOS 3
    -15:23- -p01ar- and VSL symph cube

    -MeloMniac- he can post whatever he wants to
    -17:11- -MeloMniac- but he says we\'re trading libraries, even libraries from developers
    -17:11- -MeloMniac- can hurt the reputation
    -17:11- -p01ar- i do ok?
    -17:11- -p01ar- jazz?
    -17:11- -p01ar- sapp?
    -17:11- -MeloMniac- yes they are the only ones named so far
    -17:11- -p01ar- art?
    -17:11- -MeloMniac- but everybody know that I am there, king too
    -17:12- -MeloMniac- I want him to post some proof
    -17:12- -MeloMniac- because I cant really see him finding any

    -17:25- -MeloMniac- -13:46- -Ed-Ed- Melo, do you think Damon paid for Miroslav?
    -17:25- -MeloMniac- -13:46- -MeloMniac- Ed-Ed hehe no
    -17:25- -MeloMniac- -13:46- -Ed-Ed- lol
    -17:25- -MeloMniac- -13:46- -MeloMniac- nobody paid for Miroslav

    -17:33- -puppetcat- so whos gonna post it?
    -17:33- -JazzFilm- Melo, scrap the stuff about \"sharing material\"
    -17:33- -JazzFilm- That\'s gonna have a bad impact no matter what

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    Re: Fighting the Good Fight

    I thought real musicians partied, did drugs and had lots of .

    you\'re still a moron. If you cant take bar room banter then leave you idiot.

    Not everyone is a church going goodie two shoes

    all your\'e doing now is trying to post jokes up and silly (and yes non professional, but is that really your point?) antics, and trying to make people believe they are real. They probably knew you were watching too.

    How in the hell is this stuff \"getting in the way of professionsals\", all I see it doing is ruining this board even more. I think Papa is going to kill the board this year, and I dont blame him.

    Go start a cult or something you loser. Hope you make lots of money being a professional withuot a sense of humor.

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    Re: Fighting the Good Fight

    He still thinks he posts the truth, MAN GET THE JOKES!

    And PaPa, why don\'t you ban the most diffamatory poster that is actually not hurting only some people\'s but also your business? I\'m curious!


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    Re: Fighting the Good Fight


    I am the developer of the Malmsjö Grand. I was present at midi-mockup when the comment about uploading my sample was made. It was made as a joke to me. Please stop whatever you are trying to do here.

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    Re: Fighting the Good Fight

    Also, this

    -15:08- -MeloBop- we dont trade GPO here
    -15:08- -MeloBop- we only do expensive libs

    was taken WIDELY out of context.

    I happen to know this was a joke, as the topic in the irc channel at the time was NO NOOBS.

    So, as a joke, someone logged in as n00bst3r or something along those lines and posted

    [17:57] <n00bst3r> helo, I\'m trying operate cubase and gpo??

    at which point said user was KICKED from the channel, and later on MeloBop made these comments.

    If you\'re going to post stuff, please post in CONTEXT. You\'re only making yourself look foolish...

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    Re: Fighting the Good Fight

    Actually all the quotes were from after Mike G\'s first post at NS.

    I cannot remember one serious sentence in the channel from that point on. But hey, show must go on... I think he isn\'t finished yet... perhaps he is trying to get his russian sounds to work right now.


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    Re: Fighting the Good Fight

    Bar room banter? Sounds more like 6th grade banter. Obviously some people never grow up. This government really needs to have a better definition for adulthood. Simply being over 18 or 21 years of age doesn\'t magically constitute adulthood, nor good reasoning capacity. It\'s pretty sad seeing so many people here exhibiting behavior I\'d expect from 5 or 12 year olds, while having the physical stature of \"adulthood\". In all honesty, that\'s probably one of the most dangerous combinations ever known to human existance.

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    Re: Fighting the Good Fight

    Originally posted by MusicalCharities:
    Bar room banter? Sounds more like 6th grade banter. Obviously some people never grow up.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">I take it you\'ve never seen Conan \'O Brian and Triumph. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Fighting the Good Fight

    stop going to elitist/posh posh bars, and you\'ll get people who say

    \"I\'d do her\"
    \"She\'s ugly\"
    \"we\'ll you\'re ugly\"
    \"thats what your mom said when you were born\"
    \"thats not waht your mom said last night\"

    because they KNOW its childish.

    jokes can go on and on and on, when you get multiple people involved in them. they are Stupid, yah, but who the hell cares...obviously people like this jackass Mike G

    I poop on you!!!

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    Re: Fighting the Good Fight

    I\'m going to log in to midi-mockup and talk about boobies.
    Then I\'m going to cut and paste the comment into the NS forums.
    Then I\'m going to ban myself.

    Serves me right.

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