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Topic: I need advice about upgrading to Windows 10.

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    I need advice about upgrading to Windows 10.


    I am currently running Windows 7 and considering upgrading to Windows 10.

    My computer runs at 3.20 gHz with 16 gb of memory. I have three internal hard drives and three external large-capacity hard drives, a 27-inch monitor and I use Sonar Professional.

    There are seventy shortcut icons on my computer "desktop"! I am concerned that all of these program shortcuts may disappear if I upgrade to Windows 10. What is your opinion about this?

    If you have upgraded to version ten please share some of your experiences with me concerning the process. Did you have any problems? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks very much.

    Larry Alexander

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    Re: I need advice about upgrading to Windows 10.

    I wouldn't, Larry. Microsoft will own your computer once you do. Your privacy will be down the tubes. Every company in the world will know everything you do online, not to mention the NSA and God knows who else. You have until 2020 before you really need to make a move, so why not wait, use W7 as long as possible? I have switched to Linux for all my non-music computer activity. I am hoping by 2020 I will even be able to do music on Linux. If not, I will keep using W7, but stay offline with it.

    P.S. If you want to keep your W7, you need to be proactive. Otherwise MS will install it on your computer without your permission. I suggest you research this carefully on sevenforums.com. You may well already have W10 downloaded and ready to install. Once that happens, it is difficult, but not impossible, to go back to W7. If you don't have a recent system image, it would be a good idea to make one asap.

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    Re: I need advice about upgrading to Windows 10.


    One alternative is to partition the drive or install second drive with another boot volume. I would keep the one with Windows 7 or possibly Linux for your personal and business web use. You could then upgrade to Windows 10 on the other boot volume for your music and any necessary web use just for music. That way Microsoft will only be able to Windows 10 harvest what little information there is having to do with just music.

    What really concerns me is people getting very political on facebook and other social media but not thinking about the possible consequences. Power changes hands and opinions one feels secure espousing at the time could end up exposing them to unforeseen consequences in the future. I''m not trying to discourage political discourse but one needs to be a little cautious in a world where maybe saying the wrong thing can incite an internet mob mentality or the distain of those who have may have some amount of power over you.


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    Re: I need advice about upgrading to Windows 10.

    Phil, that's a good idea about dual-booting. I never thought of that, but yes it's a way to have W10 and minimize the loss of privacy.

    As for the second part of your post, I'm not sure what you are referring to. If you are saying that people shouldn't complain when a giant, monolithic company makes a power grab of unprecedented proportions, reaching into people's personal computers and forcing an upgrade to an OS that is designed, in large measure, to monitor everything they do, then I must disagree. And I am certainly not alone. Freedom's voice must never be stifled, especially for fear that "those who have some degree of power over you" will in the future do something to harm you. That is the way to 1984. I'd rather live in 1776. Just my humble opinion, no offense intended.

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    Re: I need advice about upgrading to Windows 10.

    Thanks for your opinions and suggestions, Mister Mike and Mister Phil. I shall certainly consider what you have to say.


    Larry Alexander

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    Re: I need advice about upgrading to Windows 10.

    I had a personal experience with Windows 10. Whatever the chain of events, I came home to find Windows 10 was installed on my computer. My first thought was that it was bound to happen. However, Finale 2014 as well as video and photo editing software (which I use in my business) simply would not function.

    I contacted AVID and two others and was told that they were trying to make upgrades that would let their software work with Windows 10 as they had for Windows 8. But it could be a few months. That was not acceptable.

    It took several days to remove Windows 10. Once Windows 7 was re-installed everything worked perfectly again.

    You might want to check with the various software developers you need most to be sure they are now usable with Windows 10.


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    Re: I need advice about upgrading to Windows 10.

    Windows 10 has been downloaded onto a lot of computers through stealth already. I discovered it on three in this house recently.

    You can check on your own machines. Turn on hidden folders in Windows Explorer, then search for: C:/$windows.~BT

    It should come up as a folder about 4gb in size. You can remove it, or better, re-name it (add "old" or something you'll recognize to the name) so that the auto-updater won't find it and attempt to upgrade you whether you want it to or not. Some folks are just removing the entire folder, but I happen to think that all that will do is invite the updater to put it back again.

    One other thing I've done to be doubly sure was to rename the setup-dot-.exe file to setup--dot-old. That way, even an inadvertant click of the mouse won't start something that may not be stoppable.

    Meantime, I'm still awaiting word from Make Music, Sony and Corel, and my wife is also waiting for word from Janome. Added up, that's over $5G worth of software we'd rather not replace all at once, and you can be sure that there's no way Bill Gates would be willing to help!.

    Kevin F..

    KM Frye- (SOCAN)
    Music Director- Four Seasons Musical Theatre- 2016

    Bella Vista Studios

    GPO4, JABB3, Garritan World Inst, REAPER, Roland VS2480 DAW

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    Re: I need advice about upgrading to Windows 10.

    To all who want to prevent an unwanted download of Windows 10: Install the GWX Control Panel. This nifty little program will instantly find any W10 related updates, and the W10 OS download itself, get rid of them with a mouseclick, and also set your computer to prevent W10 updates and monitor the situation. MS is getting more and more aggressive with this; they intend that 95% of the world be using W10. they stand to gain a fortune with all the monetizing it will provide. That is why they are giving it away, in case you wondered. All at the expense of your privacy. I will get a Mac before surrendering my freedom to this arrogant corporation.


    This guy also has an intriguing VST tool. I haven't tried it, but it's supposed to fix various VST-related problems.

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    Re: I need advice about upgrading to Windows 10.

    Well, I have renamed the file, and will download the W10 blocking file. But it seems to me that before running it, I should restore the original name. Any thoughts?

    It occurs to me that the attorney general ought to be investigating this attempt at control and piracy by MS.


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    Re: I need advice about upgrading to Windows 10.

    Mister Kevin and Mister Tom,

    Thanks for your input and for your good advice. I think that I will hang on to Windows Seven for awhile. It has been operating perfectly since I installed it.

    My best to you.

    Larry Alexander

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