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Topic: What Dreams May Come

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    What Dreams May Come

    A short composition that reflects upon the dreams we may have.


    Libraries Used:
    - All GPO!



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    Re: What Dreams May Come

    Wonderful showcase for the Garritan flute. The only criticism is that it's too short. It takes me way longer than that to fall asleep. Can you do one for an insomniac? Seriously, this was really nice. Very good sound. I wish I had half of the midi abilities that you and so many here have. Pieces like this are great to show people who think Garritan libraries are not up to snuff. And just wait until GPO5! Then we'll really show them!

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    Re: What Dreams May Come

    Hello Richard, nice to hear from you again, and to hear your Dreams. I agree, that it is too short, we would like to hear more...


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    Re: What Dreams May Come

    Thank you for the kind feedback. I have listened to some of your pieces, and they sound good too. Don't cut yourself short.

    Thanks, Ted. How are you doing friend? Fellow Hungarian. Hope all is well.

    Thanks for listening to the the piece guys. I will do an expansion on this, again using Garritan products only. I am also stoked about GPO5. After listening to the solo strings and the romantic strings, it really got my excitement. It has that kind of sound I like. As a composer, I don't really care for techniques and articulations, I care foe the actual sound and character of the recording. This is why I still feel GPO Solo Cello #2 is the best cello on the market IMO. Sure it lacks the techniques of the other big time big bucks solo cello libraries, but it has one thing that I fancy over the rest... It's the character of the actual sound. I barely touch my Spifire Audio solo cello, or the Spitfire Artisan Cello which cost me a lot... I still stick with my GPO cello!

    Anyways, thanks again guys. I'll do an update on this piece.



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    Cool Re: What Dreams May Come

    very nice composition!

    I've just a little complaint about production, since some of the sounds appear a bit too compressed: missing the natural dynamic it sounds a bit forced, too close to distorsion.

    I face always the same problem when I try to normalize the orchestral music, and I found some intelligent limiter at the end of the effect chain being the only way for fixing it to avoid this digital artifact.

    all the best Richard!

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    Re: What Dreams May Come

    Thanks Fabio for the feedback and for listening to the piece. Was it in the flute where you heard that artifact? I think that's the actual recording of the flute. I may be wrong though. Here is what I did to produce this. I did the mixdown with all of the instruments at a volume where it is about 30% below max so it doesn't clip. There is no dynamics (mid volume, expression controllers) in this, it was just raw instrument composing. I did not use any limiters or effects besides the reverb. After I did the mixdown I just did the normalization in sonar to reach max volume peak.



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