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Topic: TV sound normalities

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    TV sound normalities

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    I\'m working on twelve TV documentaries. A guy told me the normalities for general sound is max -20 db, another, 0 db and another average 20 db. So, what is the real sound normality ? I\'m a musical composer (not a sound technician).

    Does anyone can tell me what is the average db for Voice Over, On-Cam and the musical track ?

    Thank you

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    Re: TV sound normalities

    In my experience TV tech guys are often very conservative, and those who are relatively new to digital are scared to death of approaching zero. They\'re happy to keep levels safe and low and let their horrible levelers and brick-wall limiters deal with it.

    My advice is to mix hot---but not too hot, because sometimes they\'re doing analog transfers or broadcasts and will never touch their input or output pots. I\'d suggest average levels in the -6dB area, with peaks not over -3dB. Do your own peak limiting with L1 or something you know sounds good, unless you trust the editor you\'re handing off to.

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