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Topic: Insurance for freelance?

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    Insurance for freelance?

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    Just curious, those of you that are full-time freelancers - how do you handle medical/dental insurance?

    I can get insurance through ASCAP as a member there (not sure how great it is, however).


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    Re: Insurance for freelance?

    That\'s what I was going to suggest. You can also usually get it through union membership.

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    Re: Insurance for freelance?

    Check out ehealthinsurance.com. It\'s the same company that ASCAP uses. Seems to be the best deal for self-employed insurance and, in LA at least, you can go to the good hospitals/doctors.


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    Re: Insurance for freelance?

    I managed a good plan with directly with blue cross blue shield. I doubt it\'s only Tennesse that has plans for the self employeed [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Insurance for freelance?

    This is something that i hope GANG will be able to effectively address.

    I looked into the ASCAP insurance very briefly awhile back, and it didn\'t seem particularly better than what i would expect to be able to get for my family on my own.

    anyone know if SAG or any of the other guilds have good group coverage?

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