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Topic: I was a prog rocker...

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    I was a prog rocker...

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    Just to fill in some more useless posting I\'ve been doign, while I wait for some long saving to happen, I thought I\'d post some lyrics I wrote to a song I wrote about 10 years ago. Luckily most of it is ambiguous, sop it can be interpereted to whatever you want the subject to be, though its obvious by the end.

    its still neat to come back to this stuff after so long.

    Just to note, this was written as a 28 minute song. A \"trilogy\", with recurring musical themes. The first was an Acoustic song, the second totally prog rock/metal the last rock/new rock. Including \"artsy\" performances, and guitar solos.

    It actually wasnt a bad tune, and I have boom box recordings of it somewhere.

    In light of a recent OT thread I\'ve been a part of, I\'d like to STRESS this was 10 or so years ago.



    Laughter in the courtyard
    The memory is often in my mind
    Calling on feelings
    I just can’t hide

    Alone as I sit with my soul held in my hands
    Teardrops stain the memories ridden across the floor
    Distraught and confused I’m lost in a lovers daze
    Starin’ at the key that should have unlocked the door

    Arms outstretched
    Knees to the floor
    Begging myself to forget what I hold inside
    Grab the hourglass
    Throw it against the wall
    And search for myself in the sands of lost time

    . . .I\'ll forget what I\'ve been told

    Unanswered questions, still my heart can’t resist
    Has my faith fallen?
    Must I hide from all the lies?
    Did this angel hide a devil’s intention?
    And what about love,
    Did it ever really exist?


    Shouting at the sky, screaming at god
    “Do anything you want, just don’t hurt me!
    and if that means you wont help me,
    then so be it!”
    I tried, and who said
    I should believe in this anyway?
    I’ll live my life
    without belief, without you, without faith
    and without anyone to blame but myself!
    Is there anyone I can trust, but myself?
    Is there anyone to love?
    Is there a way out of the pain?
    Or am I to bleed forever?
    I struggled with passion
    now I’m drowning in rage
    As my heart reads a story
    and it cannot turn the page
    The distance between
    your heart and my trust
    caused by a lie
    I only believe too much
    Naiveté-its not too cruel too say
    since I am naive to believe you’d love me
    Reality-I have to open my eyes and see
    I should not dream of what can never be
    Dissonance is surreal
    when there is no reason for it to exist
    Just like belief in an offering hand
    when deceit is the one its amidst

    An emotion watches
    Hidden in a darkened corner
    It slowly waves an anxious hand
    calling on the unexpected. . .
    and sometimes. . .unwanted

    “I did not want this”

    Wont someone show me a way out?
    Not just a vague direction.
    I need to see a path that leads
    me away from my own reflection
    that I keep thinking I see. . .
    . . .in those eyes

    Face Down in Dirt

    Your either lying or you lied
    It doesn’t matter which
    I can’t trust you anymore

    Or maybe better this way
    Since I wont be around
    and I wont be asking for any more

    You blame your actions
    on “being human”
    What a disgrace

    If your reasoning is true
    Then I’d rather be an animal
    than be part of your race

    Face down in the dirt again, I find myself
    Been used and abused
    Forced to become blind and deaf
    I’ll forget all I knew

    Like a child
    with a brand new game
    (I was) Loved at first
    and forgotten the next day
    Making way for your brand new sins
    In the toy chest I’ve been hidden
    There’s no one else
    left to blame
    And only one thing
    thats left to say
    Know your actions
    Oh so well
    If asked how you’ve hurt one
    They’re the answers to tell

    Distant is Innocence
    Stripped away by your own hands
    Grasping and screaming
    You’ll call for it to come back
    I know you’ll find yourself
    Screaming out a call,
    Missing what’s gone now,
    For one who wont hear at all

    Face down in the dirt again, I find myself
    Been used and abused
    Never will you learn a thing from this
    No change in your point of view
    Face down in the dirt again, I find myself
    Been used and abused
    Never will you learn a thing from this
    you’ll just start your old life anew

    I don’t want to hate you
    but I guess I have to

    Its your own fault
    It was your choice
    You brought it on yourself

    Don’t blame it on him
    Don’t complain...

    This song is actually the reason I fell in love with Stabbing Westward, and actualyl pulled me away from my prog rock roots.

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    Re: I was a prog rocker...

    Unlike youself, Stabbing Westward sold out. I used to love them. After all these years, Darkest Days is still one of my favorite industrial rock albums. Too bad they couldn\'t follow it up.

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    Re: I was a prog rocker...

    whither is still their best album if you ask me. Even tho it sounds lo-fi, in parts, I LOVE the mesh of straight forward Rock/garage rock and Electronics. Everytime I listen to it, it still gets me. Everytime I listen to it, I find it almost IMPOSSIBLE to stop the CD anywhere. Plus it still has just enough of the rage from Ungod, with just enough self deprecation. I honestly think its one of the best Electronic/Rock albums ever made, and would only be ruined by \"better\" production.

    DD has some GREAT songs, but the sound of the album is plain icky if you ask me. I cant help but sing along to the tunes tho (you should see people watch me scream along to How can I hold on, while I\'m driving), and it has my favorite Stabbing Song ever. Waking up beside you.

    The white album totally grows on you tho. It jarred me at first (and many fans), because it was so different for the most part... but I kept going back to it for two reasons

    1, cuz I loved the recording of it (thanks in part to a fairly regular NS member), the drum sound is jsut unbelievably \"perfect\"

    2, cuz, for some reason, it started to remind me of later Duran Duran (laugh all you want), which I\'ve got a place in my musical heart for

    and then I really started to REALLY dig the songs, because I stopped listening to it as \"Stabbing Westward\", which let me pick up on all the musical influences.

    Obviously its more \"rock\" sounding and WAAAAY less \"brooding\" than the other albums, and ultimately I dont think they should have released thee album under the banner of Stabbing Westward, but as another band.... but like a record company is going to let THAT happen. There\'s still some songs I really like on it tho. The vibes on \"happy\" is totally unexpected, but make the song what it is.

    hey but I was a closet Winger fan (reb beach could play a mean guitar), not to mention, I still think Extreme is a great band

    Some stuff on Pornographity and Three Sides, would ahve been SO awesome with a *full* band section behind them.

    Thats another side project I\'d love to do. Big.. BIIIIG, Rock/Funk band. Just cuz I think it\'d be fun as hell. Make it a spectacle show. Big lights, big horn section, LOUD guitars. and just ..grooooooove....

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    Re: I was a prog rocker...

    Well, what can I say, I\'m a brooding kind of guy. I love Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds for god sakes, how brooding is that. Anyway, I have to agree about Wither/Blister, there hasn\'t been as song since that hit me as hard as \"Sleep\" did. I was dating a girl that this song had everything to do with at the time. I still \'rawk\' out to \"Waking Up Beside You\", that\'s just one song you d@mn well have to scream along to. Ah, those were the days... Now all you hear on the radio is dribble. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: I was a prog rocker...

    yah the stuff on the Radio sucks nowadays IMO

    I mean theres some cool songwriting hidden in there some places, but the real popular stuff is lame.

    but serious self deprecation is \"out\"...

    I\'m really not diggin the old school rock wannabe\'s tho. If you\'re gonna pick a \"big\" rock band form the 70\'s to rip off, pick Zepplin, or even Aerosmith for jebus\' sake... or listen to the Doors

    BTw Nick Cave is great.

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    Re: I was a prog rocker...


    Did you ever start on that project you told me about (over a year ago I think) on #midi-mockup? It was some sort of story with different lyrics written for different characters (I can\'t remember if it was video as well). Anyway, looking at the song you posted reminded me of the conversation.

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    Re: I was a prog rocker...

    ahh yah,

    \"Searching For Angels\"

    the concept DVD, with animation [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Man I\'d love to make it an animated musical....

    Dark, gritty, and PROG!!! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I\'ve got a guitar player thats working with me on other tunes, but he\'s feinding for me to get back into that project Jubal. I\'ve written more and done more of the finer details of the outline. Its comming along, slowly, but comming along,... as its not really my priority.

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    Re: I was a prog rocker...

    Hey King

    Thanks for the props, Had a great day with Andy from Stabbing doing drums.He is so good.Played through the track twice and Nailed it third time . Have you heared the Darkness from the UK yet ? . It\'s so good.

    ed [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: I was a prog rocker...

    Awesome Ed,

    I saw him online earlier, I\'ll give him a poke, sometime.

    All you guys deserve props on that album. It sounds f\'n great. I want to live in that drum room.

    Another thing I like about that album is that just about everything can be broken down into acoustic form and still work.

    Tho I\'m trying to make sure I dont focus on that with all my new tunes.

    and are you kidding, the Darkness? Of course!

    well, you\'ve only heard my heavy metal/rock scream!!

    You oughtta hear my rock falsetto [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: I was a prog rocker...

    Yeah the Metallica Drum room. I only wish they had\'nt let Lars pick the carpet.



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