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Topic: A new perspective on Martha Stewart

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    A new perspective on Martha Stewart

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    I haven\'t really followed the Martha Stewart thing. I have heard she is a nasty lady and it always seemed to me like her company really knows how to overcharge for stuff she picks up in Europe and pretends she invented. So when I heard that she got caught making an inside trade, I thought she got what she deserved.
    But, it turns out the issue is very complex. The last few years have revealed rampant American corporate crime, all at the expense of the American people. People like Ken Lay are responsible for ruining thousands of people\'s lives. Kenny boy was selling off his Enron stock while encouraging ordinary people to buy Enron. He is guilty of dozens of crimes on a grand scale that affected the entire country. But, he was George W.\'s number one campaign contributor and good friend. Ashcroft has refused to prosecute any of these crooked CEOs, because they are all friends. There is a huge conflict of interest in our government. All these billionaire Republicans are immune.
    Meanwhile, there\'s Martha. It turns out Martha is a big Democrat. I didn\'t know this. She always seemed like a Republican to me. They dropped the inside trading charges because they had a VERY weak case. I thought they had a strong case. The judge threw out the big charges because they wouldn\'t have won those. Instead they nailed her on an obscure statue (1001). If you research 1001, you\'ll see that it\'s a pretty scary and undemocratic way for lawmakers to circumvent the law. Basically they nailed her for lying while not under oath.
    I am not saying that Martha is innocent. I think it\'s disgusting the way that the rich and powerful have roped the ordinary guy into the stock market. When things go wrong the insiders get out with their cash, and the average guy takes the fall. What I am saying is that the Bush administration is protecting all of it\'s big sponsors from criminal prosecution. And there are tons of guilty ones. They play golf with Ashcroft and Cheney and are laughing at you. Martha\'s conviction is supposed to soothe the American people. She\'s not in their inner circle. She\'s a democrat. So they nailed her.
    This fall there is nothing more important than voting out the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States. Tell your friends and everyone you meet. The most powerful person in the US is you. They don\'t want you to realize that.

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    Re: A new perspective on Martha Stewart

    I have an additional view on the subject. Currently, many parts of the system are broken, and some have found ways to exploit the flaws - getting rich and powerful in the process. Then along comes Worldcom, Adelphia, Tyco and Enron. Should we examine the system, tighten the rules and plug the holes? No. Let\'s make an example of the bad apples. \"We\" can sacrifice a few individuals and avoid fundamental change. That Martha Stewart is a high-profile female Democrat makes her a plum target.

    Now \"we\" can go on giving off-the-book stock options, giving CEOs exhorbitant salaries, move off shore to avoid taxes, \"outsource\" jobs to other countries and play funny business with the books. A few big names will be behind bars and the blood thirst of the crowd will be quenched.

    The same tack is taken regarding terrorism. \"Why do they hate us? Because of our freedoms.\" That\'s as deep as the analysis was allowed to go. Surely, it\'s not due to US foreign policy, poverty, lack of education or arms sales. All we have to do is capture super-villians Saddam and Osama and \"we\" will have won.

    But alas. Systematic change is for latte-drinking intellectual elites. Real mem put the occasional head on a pike and call it a day.

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    Re: A new perspective on Martha Stewart

    I\'m with you Nick. Get out and vote for change this November. If you\'re not registered to vote, get on the stick and do it now.

    As they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often.

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    Re: A new perspective on Martha Stewart

    I\'m with you Nick. Get out and vote for change this November. If you\'re not registered to vote, get on the stick and do it now.

    As they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often.

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    Re: A new perspective on Martha Stewart

    My only worry is that G.W.\'s team will not go along with the american people giving them the boot so my predictions:

    - computer based voting machines will be rigged. Since the company in charge of setting the machines is the same one that did the 2000 Florida number, it wouldn\'t be surprising

    - George pulls another 9/11 out of his sleeve before election time and gets re-elected on the \"are you a patriot\" ticket.

    Politicians make me sick. It used to drive me crazy but I\'m at peace now. It\'s their karma, not mine (anyway, I\'m a permanent resident and therefore cannot vote)

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    Re: A new perspective on Martha Stewart

    While I respect your motive to vote and effect change by working within our Constitutional system, Nick, I must point out that you appear to be playing right into \"their\" hands with the partisan nature of your recommendations.

    The problem isn\'t just with George Bush and his administration. The problem isn\'t just with the Republican party. The problem extends to the Democratic party as well... and beyond. Just for a small example, both Kerry and Bush are Skull and Bones members in \"good\" standing and both refuse to discuss their affiliations with that secret society. And according to a woman (whose name escapes me at the moment) who wrote a book on the S&B, she interviewed several S&B members asking them which candidate they preffered. The prevailing answer was \"it doesn\'t make a difference, we win either way.\"

    In addition, acts of terror comparable (and indeed, directly related) to 9/11 were allowed to be executed under Clinton\'s Democrat administration just as well as has happened under that of Bush. And there\'s alot of evidence to indicate that all three attacks (WTC bombing, OKC bombing, and 9/11) were executed and aided by many of the same individuals, organizations, and backers.

    Simply voting Democrat will not fix the problem. We\'ll merely be exchanging one Insider for another with Kerry. And Nader would be an even worse answer as most of those of his party (and I believe he himself as well) are self-proclaimed Communists. Or in their words, \"watermellons - green on the outside, red on the inside\".

    With Kerry, as with Clinton, the partisans will be able to dilude themselves that they\'ve solved the problem by ousting the Republicans. But those who are true lovers of Liberty and our Constitution will be quick to realize that, Republican or Democrat, our country\'s founding principles and the ideals of liberty and individual rights enshrined in the Constitution have been steadily eroded by BOTH sides.

    Before a REAL change of course can be realized, we must begin giving third-party candidates a REAL chance. We\'ve got to work to educate people and help them see that they must vote their concience. Until that happens, we will be doing nothing more than exchanging one problem for another in an ever-worsening downward spiral.

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    Re: A new perspective on Martha Stewart

    Brady, as a registered green, I am with you. Thing is, the current Republican party is out of control and much worse than the democratic party. If you look at all the stuff that the Bush administration has secretly done in the past 3 years, it\'s staggering. They are completely changing the country for the worse and most people have no idea what they are up to. Things would have been very different under Gore or Nader. Bush has to be removed at all costs. So I am simply encouraging people to vote.

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    Re: A new perspective on Martha Stewart

    you are so right. Republicans & democrats alike are in the pocket of corporate power & big money.
    The greed for exponential profit is out of control and I see only one solution for the people to get back in control (were they ever?):
    a revolution, probably a bloody one.

    Chances for this to happen:
    close to null.

    What to do?
    Educate our children and learn wilderness survival skills.

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    Re: A new perspective on Martha Stewart

    Finally someone gets it right. Thanks Brady. People seem to have the \"blame Bush for everything\" approach.
    Why not commit corporate crime? The penalties are not severe for the individuals. I think it would stop if those guilty forfeit all assets. But these people can afford high priced lawyers to
    get them off the hook. Corporate corruption creates an unstable economy.
    We have to blame every elected offical for not dealing with this.

    It worries me when the \"blame it on Bush\" crowd gets upset because the the president doesn\'t step in on everything. If he did according to your wishes then we have a dictatorship. Our government was designed to operate this way.

    There\'s enough blame to go around for everyone.

    I also think outside of any jail time Martha Stewart will suffer other consequences by society.
    She\'s done for.

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