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Topic: Film Music Store... any luck anybody?

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    Film Music Store... any luck anybody?

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    I ordered the \"Video Game Music Directory\" from filmmusic.net on December 1st of last year and have yet to receive it. Anyone else order this and get it?

    I\'ve gotten excuse after excuse for months now when I get these charlatans on the phone.. change of printing company, last minute additions to the text, death in the family (I\'m not making up that last one, honest)...

    I\'m out $20 plus shipping, so it doesn\'t even meet the minimum requirements for credit protection, but it sure does p1$$ me off that these guys are getting away with my money..

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    Re: Film Music Store... any luck anybody?

    Hey Ed,

    You\'re not the only one. I ordered a few books from them over a year ago & yet to see them. They gave me the same excuses but I just gave up on them & cancelled my membership there as well. The so called job listings they post (which you can only see through a membership) are posted all over other free sites.

    Hope some matters get resolved there.

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