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Topic: Save 'Angel' Campaign Takes Flight

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    Save \'Angel\' Campaign Takes Flight

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    Re: Save \'Angel\' Campaign Takes Flight

    theres a tribe network for the buffyverse, and they\'ve been following this for a while

    theres also the \"save one show\" poll on E Online

    They had 5 shows up for voting to \"Save\" from cancellation, and 400,000 people voted in for angel (over 80 percent or something like that)

    I doubt the shows gonna move to another network, WB isn\'t going to bring it back thats for sure it seem.

    Sadly, I think its dead. One more year would have been nice. Made for TV movies are jsut gonna be rush jobs

    Sci fi should pick it up for a couple of Mini Series! [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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