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Topic: ProjectRPG (Something Positive for a Change!)

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    ProjectRPG (Something Positive for a Change!)


    I finally got a contract with a company to compose albums on a regular basis for them! The really cool part is it's all about video games, and some of you may already know that I love video game music. So, this is actually a really positive thing to happen considering what's been going on over the last few years. The task I am assigned with in my partnership is to create music for video game developers. This works very well for a lot of the music I compose, looping, not really orchestrated but character building music, and the such. Think of Final Fantasy music from the SNES, PS, and PS2 days, this is the type I will be composing. So, I'm pretty excited about this. This is an idea composition I came up with for some promos.

    Instruments and Libraries Used:
    - Harp (GPO5)
    - Strings (Vienna)
    - Soloist (Clair 2.0)
    - Trumpet (EWQLSO Gold)



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    Re: ProjectRPG (Something Positive for a Change!)

    Hey Congratulations!!
    Very happy for you. Epic fantasy is one genre which I love about!!
    All the best!!
    # The piece you composed is very good. Have you tried pads from Omnisphere? It will fit in very beautifully for the fantasy genre.

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    Re: ProjectRPG (Something Positive for a Change!)

    Thanks Vicky, and also thanks for listening to the composition. I do not own Omnisphere yet, but I recently picked up Natural Forces and Vocalise from Heavyocity, and they come with some beautiful pads and instruments. I am still exploring through them. I agree though, pads work well for fantasy. The song, May it Be by Enya, such a beautiful piece, and I love the pad that was used in that.



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