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Topic: That Piano in GPO5!

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    That Piano in GPO5!

    I have to say that once Garritan gets those ADSL controllers in GPO5, that Intimate D piano patch is gonna be my piano of choice. It sounds better than my like $270 dollar piano I bought a couple years ago...



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    Lightbulb Re: That Piano in GPO5!

    I analized the Pianos, and found the GPO5 sound of the Steinway D is coming from the Authorized Steinway (as it was predictable) and so it has a large memory footprint and more natural sound (ARIA shows no filters get activated , but lot of layers, as it was for the Authorized Steinway).

    The B model is actually coming from the original GPO Steinway, with a very little footprint (13Mb vs. 350Mb of the D) but a so brilliant programming using filters, as it was in GPO4. The final result is wonderful playability of both the models.

    I agree it's a very good deal, definitely... beside GOS new sounds, they make GPO5 upgrade a no brainer IMHO.

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    Re: That Piano in GPO5!

    Thanks for the info Fabio. I have heard of that Authorized Steinway a few years back, but it got discontinued before I had a chance to even buy it. That's really awesome that they included this great piano in GPO5 because I am sick of Kontakt and would much rather use Aria.



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