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Topic: New to Sampling

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    New to Sampling

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    I\'m about to graduate from high school, and I\'ve recently been looking into purchasing a \"sound library,\" such as either Garritan\'s Personal Orchestra or the Silver Edition of EastWest\'s Symphonic Orchestra (both are only about $300, which is all I\'ve got to spend). However, I am unsure how all this sampling works. Right now, I only compose midi\'s, and I am hoping for more professional quality sounding music from one of these packages.

    Can someone tell me about what exactly is included one of these packages, and how exactly I can use them to compose a piece and turn it into an MP3? Are there any other tools I\'ll need besides what\'s included in one of these packages? Will I be able to compose music entirely on the computer?

    Thank you! I hope to make a purchase this summer!

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    Re: New to Sampling


    have you checked this http://www.soundsonline.com/sophtml/details.phtml?sku=EW-161
    and this http://www.garritan.com/features.html

    how exactly I can use them to compose a piece and turn it into an MP3?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">To make mp3 you need an mp3 encode...I use Wavelab!!!
    Are there any other tools I\'ll need besides what\'s included in one of these packages?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">You need the sequencer!!!
    Will I be able to compose music entirely on the computer?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">All the demos on the sites above are composed on computers and 99% of the demos here are also composed on computer!!!

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    Re: New to Sampling

    Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO) comes with notation and sequencer programs. This gives you everything you need to start making music. Truespec.com has it on sale right now for $211.65. See this link: http://www.truespec.com/specials.shtml

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    Re: New to Sampling

    To elaborate a bit on leogardini\'s statement \"you need the sequencer\", this choice is just as vital as which libraries to purchase. I don\'t know what you\'re using to create your midi files, but you should consider getting something like Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools or Digital Performer (DP is just for Mac). It definitely sounds like you want to create realistic orchestral music, and you\'ll find that all the features in these programs aside from their sequencing abilities, will greatly aid you in getting your music to sound realistic. These newer libraries are designed to run as plug-ins within multi-track sequencing software. GPO is a plug-in, and you communicate with it through the sequencing software.

    The other thing you have to consider is what type of soundcard you have. To really use these programs as they\'re designed to be used, your soundcard must support ASIO. ASIO is a driver that enables your software and hardware to communicate with the speed necessary to control multi-track environments......or something like that. Just make sure your soundcard is an ASIO card.

    Once you have a sequencer and a nice soundcard, you have your music-creation environment, and all those libraries can then be loaded into your environment as plug-ins, and you can assign all the instruments in those libraries to the tracks that contain your midi files.

    Sorry if this is remedial for you, just thought someone should cover the basics, just in case.

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    Re: New to Sampling

    Thanks! I don\'t think my current soundcard supports ASIO, but I\'m gonna have to purchase a new computer system this summer for college, so I\'ll make sure I get a good sound and a good amount of RAM too.

    Just a few more questions . . .

    Am I right in assuming the sequencer included in GPO is the Cubasis VST? Also, does the sequencer output a file? And what exactly does the sampler do?

    Sorry if these seem like dumb questions, I have no experience with this kind of stuff.

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    Re: New to Sampling

    To quote someone smart from some point in history, \"The only dumb questions are the ones you don\'t ask\".

    Now, about Cubasis. I\'ve never owned it but I do have Cubase SX. From what I\'ve read in the past, I think Cubasis is limited to midi sequencing. Although if it comes with GPO, then I can only imagine that it will allow you to load up VST Instruments, and then export your compositions as .wav files. (.wav format is the same format used to create compact disks)

    To make it easy on us, you can think of \"samplers\" as devices designed to record and play back audio. They originated in the late 70\'s or early 80\'s, and they did just what they were named for, they would take samples of audio. Back then there were no PCs, and samplers were either built into synthesizers, or they were made as stand-alone units ( check out this old beast!) When PCs came around (and just as important- high-end soundcards) it was obvious that they could have the same function as a sampler. Your soundcard converts analog signals into digital information which is stored on your hard-drive and can be played back, just like a sampler. Though Cubase (not Cubasis) is designed to be a virtual studio, where you can record multiple tracks of audio and play them back simultaneously in addition to applying various effects like reverb and delay, it\'s really just an elaborate multi-track sampler. Eventually, technology progressed enough that we could store huge amounts of data on our hard drives. We could take multiple samples of every type of articulation of every note of every instrument in an orchestra and store it all for playback. But managing all these files, controlling which instruments play and which articulations they play became a monumental task. This is where Kontakt, Gigastudio and Halion come in. They are really just samplers within samplers, but their function is the management and control of these vast libraries of samples.

    So, now you\'re up to speed on samplers. The Cubasis software that comes with GPO will allow you to make compositions, and I think it will allow you to export all the parts into a .wav file, but it is by no means a virtual studio like Cubase SX (it\'s entirely possible that I\'m wrong about that, you should find out all you can about Cubasis).

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    Re: New to Sampling

    Thank you, I think I actually understand some of this now.

    Steinberg\'s website didn\'t seem to have much at all about Cubasis, I\'m wondering if they even still support the software. However, I did find information about it on Amazon.com, which describes it pretty much like you said, a midi-only sequencing program.

    However, the price of Cubase SX is quite a pretty penny, so I think it would be wisest to first invest in GPO, and use all the power midi software like Cubasis has got. Even if I\'m just composing music with midi-style sequencing, doing it with a realistic orchestral library is far better than doing it with the fake sounding midi instruments. I\'m also sure Cubasis is bound to have some of the basic midi effects you can apply to regular midi\'s.

    Again, thank you for all your help! I appreciate it!

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