What is the correct musical term to describe the "lineair musical narrative"? I don't mean lyrics or the main melody of a piece. But the bits and parts of the music that catches the attention the most that the listener focusses on, from A to B, start to finish. It's part of how you orchestrate. It isn't always the highest pitch instrument or that instruments specific tonecolor that gets all the focus, it always completely depends on the context of what the other instruments are doing as well.
One moment that could be a high string line over mid-low brass, then the next moment a melody by an arpeggiating bassoon over a few pp high note legato strings could take all the attention, then the next it could be the french horn continuing the main melody while the clarinet takes over afterwards, an oboe doubling it at a lower dynamics, whereafter the oboe takes over. Then, the cellos and basses could start a staccato rhythmic pattern on top of the strings/woodwind parts doing harmony and essentially "stealing" the attention. Is there a better/academic word for it? For this kind of "musical narrative" in a composition that the listener by instinct automatically follows?