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Topic: Guitar Trio

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    Guitar Trio

    Having just completed this revision and expansion of a piece composed 20 years ago for guitar & trumpet, it occurs to me that writing for guitar is an impossible task! I am still studying a bit about guitars, but I think I will put my time to more productive use, like trimming the huge number of trees and shrubs around that have suddenly taken on their spring growth burst!

    This piece is intended as a sort of paso doble (so think I).


    Un Pepy la Fils (3 guigtars)

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    Re: Guitar Trio


    I imagine this worked better with the trumpet playing the lead. It sounds awful fast for guitar even if the lines were humanized to eliminate the machine feel. Although it might be possible to perform I don't think it compliments the instrument. I checked a video of someone performing Flight Of The Bumble Bee on a classical guitar and it had similar results, at least for me.

    I did like your composition though. Possibably you could rewrite the lead with fewer notes(?)so the guitar could shine.


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