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Topic: Project: Genesis (Early Presentation)

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    Project: Genesis (Early Presentation)

    This is an early video of a screenshot from my project, Genesis. The composition in the video is a short video game loop based musical piece I composed for it.

    Instrument Libraries:
    - Harp (GPO5)
    - Choir (GPO5)
    - Strings (Vienna Appassionata)
    - Flute (Vienna)



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    Re: Project: Genesis (Early Presentation)

    Good job
    Now the strings sound perfect

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    Re: Project: Genesis (Early Presentation)

    Thanks, Vicky. The Vienna Appassionata strings are the best in the market IMO. Well, for the type of music I compose anyways.

    Quote Originally Posted by vickylahkarbytes View Post
    Good job
    Now the strings sound perfect

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    Re: Project: Genesis (Early Presentation)

    So I assume you're working on this game besides composing game music for developers. This looks pretty retro which must be popular now. I no nothing about the game business or gaming as I haven't gamed since Donkey Kong and Dark Castle although I know people my age that are seriously into computer based gaming.

    Your music was very pretty and emotive. I guess a game's sound track is almost as important as the game itself. Maybe more so than a movie sound track.


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    Re: Project: Genesis (Early Presentation)

    Thanks for listening and for the feedback, Phil. I love the retro stuff myself! Retro is definitely making a come back in this day in age. Retro games are becoming quite popular across the Steam platform. I remember Donkey Kong. I use to get frustrated with that game. They made a lot good games out of Donkey Kong like Donkey Kong Country for the SNES. I would spend hours on top of hours playing that game.



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