I am working on a piece of music using GPO5 strings and, perhaps later, expanding it to full orchestra. One small section at a tempo of 40 has a series of whole notes (5 of them). I wanted to start each note very very softly, have it swell in dynamics and then get soft again (say pp-f-pp) and when I first entered the music in Finale 2014 it did exactly what I wanted. But two days later I opened the file to work on it again and the dynamics no longer work. However, the dynamics are working on all other areas of the music, but have failed totally on the 5 whole notes described above - literally as if they were never entered.

I went in and deleted all dynamics for the 5 whole notes. and re-entered them. They still refuse to respond. I had earlier been using just full organ as an instrument and then changed the orchestration to strings. The dynamics still worked after that. However, I returned to the organ instrumentation thinking that would recover them. No luck - all dynamics work except with those 5 whole notes.

Any idea what is happening here?