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Topic: World Instruments - Fiddle - auto-legato

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    World Instruments - Fiddle - auto-legato

    Can someone with World Instruments confirm if this is a bug? I try using auto-legato with the fiddle, but it seems to have no impact whatsoever. Auto-legato works with other libraries and even other instruments within WI, but not with the fiddle.

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    Re: World Instruments - Fiddle - auto-legato

    The fiddle from GWI is rather difficult to work with. Given the apparent absence of any legato feature, I made due by doing this. I composed something for the instrument in order to test its possibilities. Unfortunately, the fiddle patch from GWI has few possibilities. If you are interested in hearing my work for fiddle, you can find it here.

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    Re: World Instruments - Fiddle - auto-legato

    If I may just check?
    You're overlapping the notes within a phrase, aren't you?
    I assume you are if you have it working with other instruments.

    Have you tried inserting a cc#64 'on' (cc#64=127) after the beginning of the first note in a phrase, but before the start of the 2nd note, then switching it off again after the start of the last note (cc#64=0)?

    Anyway, I'll take a look at the sfz code for the fiddle, to see if the procedure call for auto legato is missing.
    If it is, I can put it in and send you the altered file to try.


    There is a missing variable definition within the fiddle.sfz file, namely '$midi-legato' which I dare say makes a difference.
    It's there in all the other legato instruments I've looked at.
    So ... I've inserted it in the correct place in the file and am about to post the file to box.com.

    If you'd like a copy to try please PM me, I'd rather not broadcast it, and I'll send you the link.
    To install it you must navigate your way to the Program Files directory, assuming we're talking a PC.
    Then to the Garritan directory.
    Then to the World Instruments directory.
    Then to the Instruments directory.
    Then to the Strings directory.
    Then to the Europe directory.

    Inside that you'll find a file called 'Fiddle.sfz'.
    (C:\Program Files\Garritan\World Instruments\Instruments\Strings\Europe\Fiddle.sfz)
    Rename it 'Fiddle.bak'.

    Download my file called 'Fiddle.jlg' and place it in the same directory.
    Rename my file 'Fiddle.sfz'.
    Give it a try. Let me know how it goes, please.
    Author of MIDI tutorials at http://midi-tutor.proboards.com/index.cgi

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    Re: World Instruments - Fiddle - auto-legato

    I opened a ticket with MakeMusic and the response confirmed that auto legato is not built into the fiddle by default. If you have a modded file that will address this then lease PM me.

    i have been using the standard cc 64 for legato, but I find the auto legato better suited for recording a performance, so any method of turning this feature on would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: World Instruments - Fiddle - auto-legato

    Hi Sean and Philip,

    Please inspect your PMs for the link to the amended file.
    Let me know how it goes, please.

    Not built in by default? ???
    I think they mean someone forgot to put it in, perhaps?
    All the other code to make a legato patch work is included within the sfz file.
    It tests for $legato >64 and invokes the legato samples if so.
    The only thing I can't tell yet is whether there's a fault somewhere in the code that renders the sound of legato incorrectly.
    I shall have to try that out or, better still, if you already have a file to render please go ahead and report back to the forum.

    It does seem very strange that a single line of code
    was simply left out.
    Mark you, there is a procedure call that I haven't seen before examining this code:
    and I do wonder whether that changes the MIDI "mode" somehow.
    I must find time to experiment.

    If it's okay then I'll post the link to the forum.

    Kind regards,
    Author of MIDI tutorials at http://midi-tutor.proboards.com/index.cgi

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