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Topic: Please read this

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    Please read this

    I'm rarely on here but this is important so please have a wee read. A lot of websites you visit will display adverts as a way of monetizing their site. These come from ad companies who aggregate the ads which are hosted on their servers. Usually it's seemless although annoying. Recently there's been an upsurge in malware being served with the ads, I won't go into the technical details but you won't know if something dangerous has been dumped onto your computer.The ad companies don't check what they are serving up so the only way to be safe is to install a browser plugin like Adblock Plus (Google it, there will be a version available for your browser), it's free. It will block all adverts although you can choose to allow them from some sites if you still want to be annoyed by them.
    As far as browsers go some are more secure than others anyway - Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. Nobody should ever use Internet Explorer or Edge from Microsoft anyway.
    A very few sites will complain that you're using an ad blocker. Tough, until they bother to check that they are not compromising your device they should be avoided. This is not a trivial issue and is actually getting worse.
    If you need any help please feel free to message me. I'd be grateful if you'd share this with your friends.

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    Re: Please read this

    Great advice, Tony. Not only do I use Adblocker, I browse on Linux Ubuntu, with either Opera or Vivaldi browsers. Firefox may be the safest, but on this computer, and only on Linux, it crashes. Fortunately there are other alternatives. I just got my wife off IE and on to Firefox.

    As to complaints about ads being blocked: we are constantly being assailed by advertising. If I have the option to block it, you better believe I will. I'm totally pro-capitalism, but I have always detested advertising. Free speech means we can't outlaw it, but I wish we could restrict it better. So whenever I can, I certainly will.

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    Re: Please read this

    Hello Tony,

    Great to see you here as always and great advice.

    I agree with everything said here. I use Firefox which is good at blocking the garbage.

    If the advertisers don't like it then, as tony says, "tough", it's good to be able to hit back.
    Patience is a virtue, sensitivity is a gift

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    Re: Please read this

    Thanks,great advise, using it now!


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    Re: Please read this

    I'm grateful. Google adds are gone in Firefox!

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