Nintendo’s most recent fiscal-year disclosure mentioned that it was planning some serious corporate restructuring.
The outfit has been rolling out more details about how that restructuring will work, and accidently released some news about its new business plans. Yesterday it was talking about the company’s amended articles of incorporation, expected to be approved by shareholders this June. In the document are three new entries in its “business engagement” list. Apparently Nintendo wants to get into restaurants, medical and health devices, and “computer software”.
Nintendo has publicly announced, then backpedalled on its heart rate monitor (the Wii Vitality Sensor) and a sleep-tracking system. Nintendo-themed restaurant seems pretty obvious, particularly in Japan. But why add “computer software” to the mix? Nintendo already writes computer software, so it might have something else in mind.
That list mentioned that Nintendo will license its “intellectual property rights.”
Nintendo does have some engaged businesses which include things that it has not made for years. This includes office equipment and tools and sporting equipment. This part of the restructuring might not lead to new products and might just be a legal trick to allow some decent patent trolling.