Samsung is proving to the world why smart TVsare really a dumb idea.
Not only are they slower than an asthmatic ant with a heavy load of shopping, Samsung is experimenting with hijacking them so you can have adverts injected into your video stream.
According to the Stack,Samsung wants to install hardware-baked advertising tiles in its newer models and might use software updates to make “the functionality” possible for older TVs.
Samsung already managed to include advertisements in its range of internet-connected televisions and Executive Vice President Lee Won-jin is at the helm of the initiative to squeeze extra cash out of the current thin margins.
However monetising a failing hardware business via network-driven ad distribution is pretty dumb when you still need to attract users to your product. Why on earth would you choose a product that hits you with adverts in the middle of some interesting telly you are watching?
Meanwhile the old advertising model is grinding to a halt as people wake up to the wonders of adblockers. The more intrusive the advertising the more people want to keep them off their screens. Investing several thousand dollars in a TV only to find it fills your screen with advertising is taking the Nintendo.