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Topic: Known Sample Libraries Used?

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    Re: Known Sample Libraries Used?

    Jsut about everything.

    Miroslavs been used countless times, The roland stuff. The JV-1080\'s a standard.

    I\'ve heard QLB used. VotA will be used alot I\'m sure (I planned to extensively on a game that was canned), Now with VSL and QLSO, these will be used alot I\'m sure. SoV was all over the place. Samples are a streaming music composer\'s best friend.

    They are a DLS/MIDI music composer\'s worst nightmare, since they taunt you with \"you cant use us, NYAH nya NYAH na NYAH NYAAAAAAHHH!\"

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    Re: Known Sample Libraries Used?

    GOS is fairly common, and i swear i\'m hearing DDBE all over the place too. As King noted, the Roland Orch. Expansion cards were standard issue for a long time.

    Originally posted by Francis Belardino:

    Are most games MIDI/Sampling scores or do they ever use the real thing?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Increasingly, the real thing - the advantageous availability/cost of many eastern European orchestras has brought them within the budget of most developers. Having said that, the latest TR score uses the London Symphony Orchestra - v.nice, if you\'re budget stretches that far [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Known Sample Libraries Used?

    I will be using VSL, VOTA, Atmosphere, Absynth, SAM, and a few others for a title I\'m currently working on.
    I\'ve used QLB, AO, GOS, and other things in the past...will continue to use GOS and maybe some woodwind passages from AO.

    Of course, G-town makes appearances constantly.

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    Re: Known Sample Libraries Used?

    There is really not a thing the savy game music composer will not use. That being said, after talking at length with some of the more well know game composers, I was surprised by what they did not know or had not heard of. For example, Bill Brown did not know a thing about the SAM libs till I showed him (and Bill is a pretty technical guy), and now he is their biggest fan and a beta tester. I could cite many more examples. A lot of them seemed stuck in the Roland orch board phase (See KI\'s list above) and seemed clueless about the advances in sample technology: usually these are the guys who normally use live orchestras. Really, in many way, sample technology is just now making an impact on the composer community as a whole.

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    Re: Known Sample Libraries Used?

    So in times where is used also wav and mp3 or ogg, sounddesigner and gamemusicians are using all kinds of libraries. mostly its a money thing. here in germany for instance you don\'t really have the budget to write a chart and \"rent\" and record an orchestra, so you have to rely on sample libs because of the budget.

    but i guess the game industries will come out more and more after the movie industries. i think there was this example that the game hitman 2 had more budget for the music than the first matrix movie [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    for my part i hope that i will get the ewqlso very soon, so that my gamemusic will sound a little bit more closed and more real (as real as it gets, i mean its still samples [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] )

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    Known Sample Libraries Used?

    Known Sample Libraries Used?

    I am not a total gamer but I do remember hearing SOV on a few titles.
    What else had been used and where?
    Are most games MIDI/Sampling scores or do they ever use the real thing?


    PS. If you have yet to hear SAVAGE by Doyle... you are missing out on one of the best scores made via samples!! AMAZING!!!

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    Re: Known Sample Libraries Used?

    I heard some AO in Rayman 3.

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    Re: Known Sample Libraries Used?

    well you gotta remember, many of your are thinking \"orchestral\" or \"acoustic\", and thats not the whole game market.

    Sometimes you need that electronic sound, or the \"cheesy\" sounds.

    I did all of Tomba two on an xp-30 (tho if I had samples and more giga machiens I would have done that)

    However, I would never use full orchestra only on Crash Bandicoot, except for parody purposes. I\'m using lots of soundfonts instead to keep the feel of the original series.

    Lets make sure to keep an open mind here about Games, Orchestral isn\'t the only type of music we can do, nor is electronic. FUNK! Now thats where its at [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    The JV-1080 is still a monster. The atmospheres you can create with it are awesome, which is why I\'m samplign a ton of it to use in Giga/Kontakt so I have more output/routing options.

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    Re: Known Sample Libraries Used?

    \"only on Crash Bandicoot\"

    Was that your music, King?

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    Re: Known Sample Libraries Used?

    What libraries do Jeremy Soule and Ion Zur use. I just love their game music. Baldur\'s Gate series are awsome! I presume that those gamesoundtracks are done by software and not by real orchestra...


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