While people are a bit distracted about Europe, David “bacon sandwich” Cameron brought in a new spying law which will make it possible for the rich elite to keep the great unwashed from revolting.
The new surveillance law gives security agencies extensive monitoring capabilities in the digital age. Lawmakers voted 444-69 in favour of the Investigatory Powers Bill, which interior minister Theresa May said would help “keep us safe in an uncertain world”.
The bill will now go to the House of Lords upper house of parliament where it is expected to be rubber stamped. After all the Lords don’t wantthe riff-raff revolting, they are already revolting enough.
Several lawmakers, including the opposition Scottish National Party, voted against the bill, saying that the protections for privacy were not strong enough.
May insisted that the bill had been scrutinised using her extra best and strongest scrute. A new privacy clause would require agencies to consider less intrusive means to achieve the same ends and special protections for lawmakers, lawyers and journalists.
“It provides far greater transparency, overhauled safeguards and adds protections for privacy and introduces a new and world-leading oversight regime,” May claimed.