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Topic: Pianoconcerto 1, Op. 11 - revised

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    Pianoconcerto 1, Op. 11 - revised

    Good morning,

    Long time ago, I think about the year 2007, I presented this pianoconcerto with all Garritan (GPO4) sounds.
    Later I revised it a bit (not presented at the LR) and used the EWQL instruments with PianoTeq: Erard Grand.
    Now, about 9 years later I decided to have another look at the score, orchestration and instruments.

    The "look and feel" stayed the same, but I altered around 40% of the score and used better instruments.
    Also tried the "ensemble building" Max Hamburg suggested, but after several experiments the sound of the "created ensembles" from solo instruments didn't result in a better sound. Even worse, lots of "chorus".


    VSL Solo Instruments - flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon
    VSL Special Edition Orchestral Strings - violins 1, violins 2, violas, celli, contrabasses
    GPO 4 - Timpani and Triangle
    EWQL SO Platinum Plus - Piccolo, Horns, Trumpets, Trombones, Tuba
    PianoTeq - Blüthner Grand (edited for this concerto)


    Notation Program: Overture 4
    DAW: SONAR X3 Producer (64 bits)
    Reverb: Altiverb IR: Concertgebouw Amsterdam
    Metronome: Taktell mechanic (haha)

    Enough blablabla. Here is the link to the concerto (Box.com folder) -warning: Box sometimes uses another sort sequence, look at the names part1, etc... or do the sort yourself.


    Enjoy and comments are as always welcome


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    Re: Pianoconcerto 1, Op. 11 - revised

    Can you please be more informative about the unique use of Taktell metronome of yours?
    Arrigo Beyle / Milanese / Lived, wrote, loved -- Stendhal
    Being Italian is a full-time job -- B. Severgnini

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    Re: Pianoconcerto 1, Op. 11 - revised

    It only has two tones: Tik and Tak.



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    Re: Pianoconcerto 1, Op. 11 - revised

    Hi Raymond,

    Once more you've surpassed yourself with this concerto. It is not only a high quality work in all aspects, it presents us a brilliant piano with a very realistic sound. And the piano part is so piano-like as well. It's obvious that a pianist-composer was at work here. As I've stated many times before, this oeuvre should be performed live. Im absolutely sure that many pianists will be interested. Of course finding an orchestra and a concert organiser is a different matter (and a lot more expensive these days). But the concert deserves a goor performance.
    The mockup you've made is of a very high standard too. It presents the concerto in an appetising way and that is of course the goal of it.

    Terrific job and wonderful, thrilling music! Thanks a lot.


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