Desperate to find
new markets now that punters are giving up on the iPhone, Apple has decided to become an electricity company.
Without hardly anyone noticing, Jobs’ Mob has created an energy subsidiary, ‘Apple Energy’ which is registered in Delaware but run from Cupertino. The outfit was originally formed to flog excess electricity generated by its solar farms in Cupertino and Nevada.
But the Tame Apple Press believes that the operation could be expanded given “Given Apple’s expertise and huge commitment to using renewable energy to power its operations [sic]”.
Apple has to do something with the electricity it has been generating. It was originally needed for a huge data centre operating it was planning. However, since the centre and the solar power cells were constructed, the data centre has been a white elephant and largely gone unused. Flogging off the solar power gives an income for the white elephant in the room.
A set of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission filings suggests that Apple could have bigger ambitions in the power field.
Apple has told the FERC that it meets the legal criteria for selling electricity at market rates because it is not a major player in the energy business and thus has no power to influence electricity prices. It has requested permission begin within 60 days of its filing on 6 June.
This is all minor stuff until you think that Apple is supposed to be building electric cars soon. Is Apple is also planning to flog the electricity that goes in the cars using its solar panel operations?
It would cost a fortune to set up, but Apple is sitting on a fortune and it would give it an income after peak oil and the world realises it has run out of technology ideas.