Parents across the world are terrified that Amazon’s Echo is turning their precious little snowflakes into foul-mouthed terrors – it cannot be the parent’s fault of course.
According to parents are miffed by their kids’ poor manners when interacting with Alexa, the assistant that lives inside the Amazon Echo.
Avi Greengart saidthat kids push the virtual assistant further than they would push a human and Alexa points out that the behaviour was rude. As a result the kids think that sort of behaviour is acceptable.
Amazon Echo was a sleeper hit because it could control the smart home, add events to your calendar, summon an Uber, even tell knock-knock jokes. Alexa responds to verbal commands and is incredibly child-friendly.
But parents are worried that the syntax is generally simple and straightforward and it doesn’t exactly reward niceties like “Ps and Qs.” In fact if you are polite it trips up the speaker’s artificial intelligence.
As a result, kids are learning to bark orders at an object loudly and see it comply without question. Of course, that is not how life works, even if that sort of behaviour does get a response from over protective parents.
But parents are fearing that the next generation will get used to screaming orders and expecting them to be obeyed. Pretty much like the four-year old who lives next door does already and they don’t have an Echo.