As some of you may know Falcom have made excellent compostions in my opinion for games like Ys, Legend of Heroes, Zwei, Sorcerian, and Legend of Xanadu just to name a few. There\'s also not enough piano arrangement of some of the songs that I want to hear for piano.

I\'ve been working on this project off and on for awhile now and I\'m finally near completion for this personal project of mine. I have 7 songs uploaded so far. Piano sample I used was MAG Piano Sample.

Songs uploaded:

01. Hippolyta Hill (Zwei!!) 3:17
02. Palace of Salmon (Ys 2) 2:22
03. Cursed Oasis (Sorcerian) 5:21
04. Apparition Trees (Legend of Xanadu II) 3:10
05. Ninja Mansion ~ The Seal (Sorceian) 3:05
06. Feena (Ys) 2:52
07. Ending Theme (The Legend of Xanadu) 4:02

Falcom Piano Arrangement MIDIs

The ones I like most are Cursed Oasis, Ninja Mansion ~ The Seal, Ending Theme (The Legend of Xanadu), Palace of Salmon (Ys 2), and Prison House (Four hands for two pianos).

Comments, contructive criticism, and suggestions are welcomed! I hope you liked them!

You can download the mp3 versions here...

ID: doctorcluck

password: doctorcluck

It\'s in the \'friends\' folder.