The fruity cargo cult Apple has been engaged in a secret war to prevent users from fixing their own computer and screw them for more cash by forcing them to use its repair service.
Huffington Post has huffed that across the pond Minnesota, Nebraska, Massachusetts and New York considered adopting “right to repair” amendments, which would update existing laws regarding the sale of electronic equipment. Amending these laws would make it easier to fix your devices and would help reduce “e-waste,” a catch-all term for any electronic detritus.
However, the lawmakers have found themselves in a battle with the so-called eco-friendly Apple because it means that users could go to “unofficial repair shops” to get their Apple gear fixed.
Apple insists that it helps recycle millions of pounds of electronics equipment every year. But it won’t support right to repair amendments.
New York state Senator Phil Boyle, sponsor of a “right to repair” amendment said that people were being forced to buy new computers, new software and new technology on a regular basis because it’s so expensive to have them repaired at the manufacturer.
Another reason why Apple is opposing the measure is that because it would force it to release its schematics so that repair shops and recyclers can fix the gear. Apple loves its secrets and has all sorts of rules to prevent people tearing down its shiny toys.
However it is more likely that Apple does not want to end its repair monopoly. Without any competition, Jobs Mob can charge what it likes and decide if one of its shiny toys is scrapped.
Huff Post did some digging and found that for all its spin, it is not clear how Apple makes recycling programmes adhere to environmental standards. So not only is it unclear if Jobs’ Mob’s repair method is fair, it might also not be as environmentally friendly as having a bloke around the corner repairing the device for you.