Greetings Talented Composers!

I am seeking a composer, or composers, to write music for a dance-only musical theater production. Unfortunately, at this time, the work would be unpaid.

When I frequented this board a decade ago, there were many talented composers writing beautiful music that did not have any chance that their music would be performed. Here is a chance to get your music, at least, performed to (dance). I cannot actually promise that the music would be performed by a live orchestra but there are a couple of local small town orchestras that might be persuaded.

The dance-only musical theater piece is titled The Outrageous Bear Tael and is an elaboration of a traditional tale that humorously attempts to explain why bears hibernate all winter, are very grumpy and have short tails. The intended audience is children ages 4-12 and their parents. The dancing styles include musical theater, ballet, jazz and modern. Some dance pieces are purely instrumental, while others have lyrics which are essential for telling the story. In addition, a narrator guides the action on stage.

There are about 50 minutes of music to be composed with 10 minutes of that derivative, like the medley Finale. The music includes about 8 musical-theater-like (Broadway) pieces and 5 pieces more in classical style. The classical styles include one in Spanish style (Rodrigo, de Falla, Albeniz, …), a hoe-down like in Copland’s Rodeo, a beautiful “Snow” waltz, …

Naturally, I can supply more detail as well as the evolving script.

Here’s your chance to get rich and famous - well, rich in experiences and famous among a couple thousand of admiring children!

I am looking forward to hearing from you,
Hans Stragier
With the Olympic Performance Group
(based near Seattle, Washington, USA)

PS Nothing ventured, nothing gained ...