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Topic: Octave Transpose in Aria Player

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    Octave Transpose in Aria Player

    I really need octave transpose in the Aria Player. All other VST plugins I own have that feature.

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    Re: Octave Transpose in Aria Player

    GPO4 or GPO5 have all the instruments at their full range. If you are working with a DAW, as I do, sometimes I wish to do an octave transposition of what I wrote, then I select what I wish to transpose and transpose the selected by Sonar (in my case). If I make a mistake and trying to transpose an instrument over the range of the instrument, the notes out of range will be silent. So, I am sorry I do not understand your problem. Aria just does what Sonar is asking for, it does not have a control to transpose by octave or otherwise. I do have other vst plug-ins, none of them have that control.
    Please elaborate a little more on your problem, what are you using etc.
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    Re: Octave Transpose in Aria Player

    As Ted said, it makes little difference how you do the transposition, whether in the DAW/notation you use, or the VSTi. The Play synth from East West does have it, and I do set the Basses to sound an octave lower right on the Play VSTi. but you can just as easily set your music software to take care of it. Many ways of doing things in this business; find the one that works for you and you will be happy.

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    Re: Octave Transpose in Aria Player

    I am trying to layer sounds in different octaves to create multi/combi patches. My VST plugins such as the Korg Digital Legacy M1, Roland Canvas VA, Kontakt 5, Structure2, UVI and xPand!2 all have octave changes. I have the Garritan Ultimate Collection and just got the GPO 5 update. My Garritan libraries will be much more useful, in my case, once the Aria player offers transpose/octave. I am hoping that Garritan will implement the feature in the next version of Aria Player. Even the free Sforzando player by Prologue which plays Garritan libraries has transpose which allows at least one octave down and up.
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    Re: Octave Transpose in Aria Player

    i am thinking it would be quite nice to have this octave transpose feature added to Aria Player.

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    Re: Octave Transpose in Aria Player

    I wrote to Garritan about this. I don't think this would be hard to implement. Really hope to see the feature in the next version of Aria Player.

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