The Israeli government is blaming Facebook for permitting terrorism amongst the Palestinian population.
Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan claimed that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is in part to blame for the murders of Hallel Ariel and Michael Mark. Ariel’s murderer announced his intentions on the website before committing the crime.
He said that Facebook might have bought a positive revolution to the world, but now it has become a monster.
“The young generation in the Palestinian Authority suckles all of its incitement against Israel from Facebook and, in the end, goes and commits murders. Some of the blood of the victims of the recent attacks, including that of Hallel, may her memory be blessed is unfortunately on the hands of Mark Zuckerberg, because the police and security forces could have been told about the post of that vile murderer.”
Erdan accused Facebook of “sabotaging the work of the police,” because when the police turn to the company, if it is regarding a resident of Judea and Samaria, the company does not cooperate. He said the site also places a very high standard for what is considered incitement in posts.
“If other media outlets were to demonstrate how to murder Jews, they would have been closed immediately,” Erdan said. “This is the time for citizens of Israel to demand, in any way they can, that he [Zuckerberg] monitor the platform he created from which he has made billions and remove inciting content. The responsibility is his.”
Facebook said the comments were a little unfair given that the social networking site works regularly with security organizations and decision makers around the world.
“There is no place for content that encourages violence, direct threats, terror or words of hate on our platform. Facebook has a regular dialogue with the [Israeli] government on such issues.”
Zionist Union MK Erel Margalit pointed out that Erdan was not blaming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and said Israel had the technology to fight terrorism and monitor social media.
However, he did say that Facebook has become an incubator of the new terror” and warned that “amid thousands of likes and shares the terrorists are getting now, the next attack is being hidden.”