Proof that, as a basic life-form Apple fanboys are not meant to be in the gene-pool, has been found at an Essex airport.
A bright spark thought it would be a nifty idea to make an iPhone case which made the phone look like a hand-gun. After all Apple fanboys have a problem getting themselves taken seriously and what better way to make them look tough than by making their favourite toy look like a lethal weapon?
Needless to say some complete iDiot in the UK bought the case and then thought it was perfectly reasonable to take it to the Stansted Airport. Essex Police stopped a man at Stansted Airport who had what seemed to be a gun sticking out of his back pocket.
They said that it was a “split second” scenario – and likely a terrifying one at that, before revealing it was only a phone case.
Fortunately for the Apple fanboy he was not dealing with the “shoot first ask questions later” US authorities who would have filled him so full of lead that when he sat down he would have made pencil marks. Unfortunately for humanity this iDiot might go on to contribute to the gene pool and further lower the standards of humanity.
Essex police say the Apple fanboy may yet be charged with a public order offence or for carrying an imitation firearm in a public space. We would also go for a charge of being a total tosser in a built up area, if such a charge existed.