One of the issues that made the case of Hillary Clinton’s private mail server so bad was that its security was so weak a Romanian hacker known as Guccifer turned it over during 2013.
Guccifer, AKA Marcel Lehel Lazar, bragged to Fox News and NBC News in May 2016 about his alleged hacking, so gaining his 15 minutes of fame. The news agencies were so desperate to run some Clinton dirt they overlooked the small fact that Lazar offered no proof at all.
He was a little more accurate when he was extradited to the US and questioned by the Untouchables. In fact, he just told them he was telling porkies. FBI Director James Comey testified under oath before Congress on Thursday that Guccifer never hacked into Clinton’s servers and in fact admitted that he lied.
That was not to say Lazar had not hacked some famous people in the past. Lazar is now in custody in Alexandria, Virginia, awaiting trial for hacking charges. He’s most famous for hacking former President George W. Bush and releasing Bush’s paintings.
But at the time the tech press and the security pendants thought the claims were pants but they were widely ignored.
This was because the Republicans, either believed, or were attempting to make the world believe that Clinton’s server was so insecure that it allowed state secrets to fall in the hands of hackers. In fact there has been no proof that foreign governments even knew the server existed.
As far as the security was concerned, sophisticated hacking attempts against the server were made and they failed.