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Topic: test of a link

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    Lightbulb The Swan, C. Saint Saens (solo Cello and Piano)

    Here the link to a video, about a new instrument: the physical modeling of the Cello enable the recration of several gestures of a real cello player, as the bowing (direction intensity position speed etc.) and fingering (string vibrato portamento etc.).

    To make it realistic I take a real performance and realize the midi track according it. You may preview the result:

    The Swan

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    Re: The Swan, C. Saint Saens (solo Cello and Piano)

    Is this a sampled instrument, digital instrument - is it available?


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    Re: The Swan, C. Saint Saens (solo Cello and Piano)

    Yes Tom it is available: it's a virtual instrument (then no saples and patch change for different articulation, but just controllers in real time, or in the sequencer track, to get every possible sound).

    You may find it at Samplemodeling, SWAM-S Cello.

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