More than 145 tech power players have penned an open letter to the world+dog and all the ships at sea about the most likely republican candidate Donald Trump.
The letter, posted in the Medium, said that they had listened to Trump over the past year and had concluded he would be a disaster for innovation.
The authors of the letter hail from some of tech’s most powerful companies like Google, Facebook and Apple, as well as startups, venture capital firms, nonprofits and universities.
The names include Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield, IAC’s Barry Diller, Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian and Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales. A disclaimer at the bottom notes that their views don’t reflect those of their companies so it is just personal and not business.
The authors slam Trump’s “anger, bigotry, fear of new ideas and new people,” particularly when it comes to immigration. Trump’s immigration beliefs are in clear opposition to those of many Silicon Valley leaders, who have pushed for comprehensive immigration reform so they can keep their foreign developers.
More than half of the country’s “unicorns” — or private companies valued at $1 billion or more — have at least one immigrant founder.
The letter said that Trump had shown “poor judgment and ignorance about how technology works,” they wrote, citing his proposal to “shut down” parts of the Internet and the fact that he has revoked reporters’ press credentials.
“We stand against Donald Trump’s divisive candidacy. We embrace an optimistic vision for a more inclusive country, where American innovation continues to fuel opportunity, prosperity and leadership.”
Trump was not likely to get must support from Silicon Valley. For a start they are the sort of liberals that his supporters blame for everything. It is also not the first time that tech leaders have taken him to the cleaners. In June, Sam Altman attacked Trump’s “casual racism” as everyone knows that racism needs a jacket and tie and well-polished shoes.