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Topic: Pirates

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    I wonder how many of us have experienced wholesale pirating of our music? Now and then, I stumble across some of my music on line that got there without consent. Mostly, it has been outside the U.S. Today, I discovered a site in Mexico that has 17 of my works. I have mixed thoughts about it, most of them not good. I welcome your comments.


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    Re: Pirates

    I came across a site that offered to sell my music for "half-price. It's pretty funny, as I give it away for free - anyone can download scores from my site at no charge. Yet, someone is trying to sell it...

    I don't know if there is anyway to stop the piracy. Not that it is justified - these people are just the laziest, unethical non-musicians I have ever encountered. The guy who was selling my music was based (I think) in Vietnam, and my understanding (possibly wrong) was that Vietnam is not a signatory to any deals recognizing copyrights, so there is not way to go after this guy.

    I have had CDs pirated, and shared via torrents. That has died down now that streaming services have become so common.

    Sorry you have to experience this.

    Interesting to see what others have to say.

    All the best,

    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Pirates

    In 1968 I rented an indie sci-fi movie and found that about 15 minutes of my Symphony #1 "Entropy" had been used in the sound track. No attempt to hide it - taken directly off the original tape.

    It was one thing to have the music pirated, but another all together to see in the credits another person listed as the composer.

    I wrote to the production company but they did not replay. A friend at William Morris Agency knew one of the actors in the film and got me in touch with him. That led to a phone call from the producer and eventually to a gratuity check and the film being pulled from the market in exchange of a promise that I not sue.


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    Re: Pirates

    Indeed! One day, several years ago, I visited our Listening Room and found to my shock and horror one of my own compositions under the name of another member! He had changed the title but nothing else as he described it as something he’d been working on. Fortunately, I was able to scare the fraud off by force of the large body of evidence I happen to have that establishes proof of my authorship. He disappeared that day and, to my knowledge, has never returned. The important lesson I learned by that experience was that I should never again publish MIDI files of my music to the web since that data file can so easily be opened in any MIDI editor and hence be presented, note for note, in any arrangement the thief desires. Protect your own, fellow artists, as you would your own children!

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