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Topic: Follow the boucing sample

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    Follow the boucing sample

    I have recently installed Giga 160 to work with my copy of Sibelius 2.11.

    I assign ports to correspond to the staffs in a piece I am writing in Sibelius. When I toggle to Sibelius and play the piece some instruments appear to be incorrect. I toggle back to Giga and lo and behold the instrument in bank 1 port 6 has changed to the instrument assigned in port 1.
    Hmmmm. Ok I must have done it. I reassign and toggle back to Sibelius and press the play button and ...ugh....same thing again. I go back and yes the instrument has again been replaced. Ok I won\'t give up. I reassign the instrument again and this time I double check ...maybe triple check. Then I toggle to Sibelius, but this time I won\'t play the piece I will re-toggle to Giga and.......
    AHHHHHHHHH.... It happens again.

    Why? (Outside of the fact I am fairly new to Giga Studio).


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    Re: Follow the boucing sample

    I don\'t use Sibelius - I use Finale. But when that happens in Finale, you go to the instrument list and uncheck \"Send patches before play\". You probably need to do something like that in Sibelius also.


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    Re: Follow the boucing sample

    Thanks Terry,
    That sounds plausible. I will try that tonight.


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    Re: Follow the boucing sample

    Originally posted by TubasForever:
    Thanks Terry,
    That sounds plausible. I will try that tonight.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Paul...

    I have experienced a similar problem with Finale. Upon further investigation, what I have found is that this only happens when an instrument number is zero (0). In otherwords, if you go to GigaStudio and click on the \"loaded instruments\" tab, you will see an instruments number column. What I have found is that, if I load any instrument with an instrument number of zero, and then head over to Finale to play it, when I go back to GigaStudio, I find that this instrument has populated ALL of the channels. The only reason that I can determine is that, in the case of Finale, they want me to use instruments 1 - 128. Finale has no clue as to what zero is, and so it splatters the instrument all over GigaStudio. Again, this is my observation. How to get around it is another issue. Perhaps just not using an instrument with a number of zero??? Who knows. Best wishes. If you find a solution...let me know.

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