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Topic: W2k Registry Tweaks + Optimizing Useable RAM in GS

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    W2k Registry Tweaks + Optimizing Useable RAM in GS

    I am using W2k professional and I am trying to squeeze more memory out of GS160.

    I have 2 gigs of ram, but I cannot seem to get GS to load more than 62% (the MSG32.exe in task loader seems to load no more than 689 megabytes).

    I tried 80 for the Page Pool Quota and 8000000 for the Paged Pool Size, but this does not let me get past 52 - 53% on the GS meter (the MSG32.exe reads about 555 megabytes).

    I seem to get the best results with 20 and 2000000 for the PPQ and PPS. This gives me 62% on the GS meter and 685 megabytes on the MSG32 reading. However, I was already getting this with 1.5 gigs of ram. Now with more ram (2 gigs) I can\'t seem to get any more useable memory

    I also tried setting the Nonpage pool quota and the non page poll size to correspond to the PPQ and the PPS, but this does not seem to have any effect. I also tried leaving all the Pool settings at 0 and placing FFFFFFFF on the System pages with modifications in the IoPageLock Limit at 10000, but this gave me less

    Many people who have tweaked these registry settings report getting the GS meter to go up to the 92, 95 or even 99% with a corresponding 1 gig of ram in the MSG32.exe, but I cannot.

    Initially when I tweaked the registry settings I gained about 30% more useable memory, but now with more ram I can seem to get anymore.

    Anyone have any suggestions on this? Anyone have any other numbers that would work better?

    P4, 1.4, (mobo: D845EBG2) W2k, GS 160, 2 gigs ram.



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    Re: W2k Registry Tweaks + Optimizing Useable RAM in GS

    I am also interested in this “Memory thing”
    Using 98 SE & 512ram some of my Gigas would reach say, 60%.
    Now with XP Pro, the same machines are running at 99%. Now the interesting thing is, I start getting memory problem messages while system is loading at around 60% but if I keep hitting OK and pushing it on, all the required instruments load and end up at 99%!! And it still works fine.
    Now my question is, if I raise my memory up to say a Gig will it help?

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    Re: W2k Registry Tweaks + Optimizing Useable RAM in GS

    Brucy Boy,

    There is a long thread on this topic at the VSL forum under the title \"Memory and XP once again\".

    You might read through it to get an idea of all the options.


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