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Topic: Gigasamples (especially Pure Guitar) don't sound right in Cakewalk

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    Gigasamples (especially Pure Guitar) don\'t sound right in Cakewalk

    Help! Got great nylon string guitar sounds( Pure Country).
    Samples sound great in GS editor , but when Cakewalk 6 plays SAMPLES THEY SOUND PHONY ...like a bad piano.

    Is there a setting in Cakewalk to correct this or do I need to upgrade Cakewalk ?

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    Re: Gigasamples (especially Pure Guitar) don\'t sound right in Cakewalk

    How so? How are you triggering the samples? Can you play them fine when you\'re running GS standalone? Would you be able to post a short snippet so we can troubleshoot further?

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    Re: Gigasamples (especially Pure Guitar) don\'t sound right in Cakewalk

    O Boy
    Thanks for helping. I\'m newbie on Gigastudio and Nothern forum.I run Cakewalk from within GS , and (using \"Track Properties\" and \"Assign Instruments\" in Cakewalk),I tell Cakewalk what Port and Channel to use(Neweys MidiOut port 1/1)

    Cakewalk then uses the CS sample I have loaded and assigned to MidiOut port 1/1 , but the quality is bad.

    In GS, I can click on \"Loaded Instuments\" to get the small virtual keyboard, and clicking this keyboard with the mouse gets the high quality sound of the sample .

    I\'m not clear on what triggering method this is using, and I don\'t know yet how I would use GS as a standalone.

    Hope this imfo is what you need.

    Thanks again,

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    Re: Gigasamples (especially Pure Guitar) don\'t sound right in Cakewalk

    O Boy -
    Thanks for brain racking ....
    I checked Audio options in cakewalk , and the sample rate was 44100 hz.

    Ran GS diagnostics , got Fs & Fw sample rate
    44100 hz (see below - **). (unsure if this tells what GS is using)

    Didn\'t see any obvious errors in diagnostic report except for maybe \"Non Mapping \" error(see below - ****).

    Playback isn\'t distorted or funky , and it is same pitch as GS saample. It just sounds like a general midi harpsichord.Have Bigga Gigga sax, and the playback sounds like the sample.

    ==================================== GigaStudio Info =================================
    GigaStudio kernel: Loaded!!!
    GigaStudio driver: Has ENABLED kernel.
    Status code: 1170001, GigaStudio is properly configured.
    Hw. config.: Status = 1170001, Type = HWTYPE_DSOUNDIF, ID = CARDID_GENERIC

    ** Fs hw = 44100, Fs eng = 44100, chan/Output = 2, bits/sample = 16

    Testing driver mapping ...
    **** User mode Drv OPL3-SA Playback, did NOT map.

    GigaCompatible hardware:
    DSound Drv 0: YAMAHA OPL3-SA Direct Sound Driver, User-mode driver Id: 0
    GSIF Compatible cards: 0 cards currently active.

    Still Trying,

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    Re: Gigasamples (especially Pure Guitar) don\'t sound right in Cakewalk

    Alright, Wayne. I forgot to ask: what audio device are you using & what operating system? It could be that Giga doesn\'t like your hardware. That\'s more of a last-resort option.

    I ran diagnostics on my machine and didn\'t have nearly as much under the GigaStudio Info heading. I\'ll be posting the resulting file here soon so you can do a comparison.

    *edit* OK, here it is: Diagnostics.

    Is it just the one library which is causing problems? Have you tried reinstalling it or contacting the manufacturer/maker?

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    Re: Gigasamples (especially Pure Guitar) don\'t sound right in Cakewalk

    O Boy -
    I\'m running GS ver 160(v2.50)on win 98. Devices probably not a problem since I\'m just running sound thru sound card and using headphones to edit my midi files.
    Have advantage of GS installed on 2 different PC(laptop for live gigs, desktop for editing) and am having same problem on both PC\'S.
    Just as I got your last post , I found some guitar gigasamples that sounded correctly in cakewalk ...I noticed that the samples that sound right(including gigasax , are all Gig File 1.0) and the ones not sounding properly are GIG fILE 2.0.

    I\'m trying to convert one of the Gig File 1.0 to 2.0 type to see if that causes the problem. Does this suggest anything to you, or is it probably just a fluke ?


    Battling the learning curve,

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    Re: Gigasamples (especially Pure Guitar) don\'t sound right in Cakewalk

    Well, converting Gig File 1.0 to 2.0 had no effect...they all work great.

    I don\'t have that many samples , but as I go thru them ,they all sound great and cakewalk runs flawlessly(Both PC\'s).Only samples not working are Pure Guitar , so problem is probably specific to this one product.

    Still battling the learning curve,

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    Re: Gigasamples (especially Pure Guitar) don\'t sound right in Cakewalk

    I went to Yellow Tools\' site (http://www.yellowtools.de) to see if there were any updates. Didn\'t find anything. You might want to go there and see if you can find anything via their forum.

    You also might try posting to the Sample Library section here. Someone there might be able to help you out.

    Don\'t worry about my brain. It\'s received quite a shock from an offer from a music library. $2k for four tracks...my young brain (28) can\'t take it! There\'s more info in the Off-Topic forum, under \"Library music rate question\"--I don\'t want to get taken for a ride!

    Anyway, enough about me. Keep plugging away!

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    Re: Gigasamples (especially Pure Guitar) don\'t sound right in Cakewalk

    O Boy ..
    Headed for Pure Guitar website ...
    Thanks for the help ....

    May try to contact you again in future in hopes of borrowing some of those $$$$$ ...

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    Re: Gigasamples (especially Pure Guitar) don\'t sound right in Cakewalk

    Aha! Now it\'s coming back to me. You\'re doing everything just fine. By standalone, I meant running GS without Cakewalk running and trigger samples from either the screen keyboard or a separate MIDI keyboard. That mode seems to be working fine.

    I remember having a similar problem--it was like the samples were pitch-shifted down an octave or two and sounded quite funky. I can\'t remember what I did to fix it, though--argh!

    Hmm...I\'m wondering. I can\'t remember if CW6 does audio at all, but if it does you might check what sample rate it\'s set to. CW & GS could be disagreeing on what rate to use.

    I\'ll need to rack my brain a bit here. Sorry I couldn\'t be much more help right now.

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