When the software king of the world, Microsoft, announced its Surface Hub, how the pundets mocked.
They claimed that it cost too much and would never sell, even to the enterprise which often pays too much for this sort of thing. However it turns out that they were not quite, but completely and utterly wrong.
Despite the fact that the Surface Hub was delayed twice and the company jacked the price of the device, companies have rushed to buy it faster than lemmings to a cliff face. The device, which starts at $8,999 for the 55in and $21,999 for the 84in, has been purchased by more than 500 customers worldwide and Microsoft is ramping up production to meet the high level of demand.
Vole siad that demand for Surface Hubs is very strong and exceeded initial forecasts.
“To date, we’ve shipped to over 500 customers worldwide and that number continues to grow. We are ramping up production to meet this strong demand via our partner reseller channel as soon as possible. Customers are encouraged to speak with their sales representative if interested in ordering Surface Hubs.”
The Surface Hub is designed to be a collaborative device that lives in communal spaces like open office environments and conference rooms. It might be pricy but it has shedloads of technology and is a doddle for IT administrators to plumb in. Now it looks like there is a waiting list.