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Topic: Profound Disappointment

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    Profound Disappointment

    After “upgrading” to GPO5, I must register my profound disappointment over one of the painfully obvious faults—the four solo instruments in the Garritan Orchestral Strings Library. I was driven to anger upon realizing that all of those instruments were recorded with vibrato that immediately commences upon attack. Why record vibrato that way? If one feels compelled to record vibrated strings, why not at least leave the first second or so of the attack non-vibrated to allow fast passages? Better yet, why not just record the instruments without the effect at all? We have modulation controllers for adding vibrato; we DO NOT need it baked into the samples! This policy is presumptuous and INFURIATING! I will now explain and exemplify what should be plainly apparent to anyone involved in recording samples.

    Because all four solo strings were recorded with vibrato upon attack, all four solo strings are almost TOTALLY useless! For, as soon as one tries to sequence any kind of fast figure or passage, one will instantly notice the fact that the STUPID vibrato interferes with the sound of such passages to the point of TOTAL DESTRUCTION! No string player has ever or can ever vibrate while playing fast passages, legato or not! It is a physical impossibility! So, consequently, when such passages are played by samples like these, they sound unpleasantly strange and artificial. That is the sad fact of this matter! There is absolutely no way around it! The ONLY way these four virtual instruments can work is if they are applied to music that does not have a single accelerated collection of notes. The first four measures of THREE BLIND MICE at about 60bpm is about all these things are good for. The tragedy of this folly is made even worse by the fact that the samples themselves are absolutely beautiful, sonically speaking. They really SING! Unfortunately, however, they will never sing my music!

    By contrast, consider these two examples of successful string sequencing thanks to Garritan instruments that DO provide enough initial non-vibrated tone to allow for uncorrupted fast passage work:

    In this piece I used Violin 1 Solo KS from GPO 4:

    In this piece I used Cello 2 Solo KS from GPO 4:

    Notice that, because of the delay in vibration, I am able to produce convincing fast passage work. I hereby rest my case and conclude my diatribe.

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    Re: Profound Disappointment

    I agree, that vibrato is ridiculous. I was surprised at your piece with the cello solo, which I never tried before, at how good it is, not to the level what Fabio published recently, but very good. On the firs piece the violin is too far back IHO, it is beautiful,wish I could hear the violin more exposed.
    As you are saying, and pleading ignorance, what would take to include control for vibrato, which is so essential and character of all bowed instruments. In the old days, with Giga, I bought Garritan's strings, which at the time had NO vibrato at all. When I called him, and he kindly talked to me, he said that the vibrato in a string section, all players using off synchronized vibrato, the over all vibrato becomes a part of the sound, actually cancelling out.
    I disagree, it is not an accident when a conductor turning to the violins,imitates the vibrating hand, encouraging the players to use maximum vibrato, it is a different sound alright, but you can hear the vibrato. Frankly, I never got warmed up with that library, (Sorry Mr. Garritan).
    Nice to hear from you...


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    Re: Profound Disappointment

    I agree with everything you said. The sound quality is amazing, especially the new pianos like the Intimate D. My biggest problem is there are no damn attack or release controllers on most of the instruments which I why I stopped using GPO4. I had hopes that Garritan would add those controllers, they are pretty standard in every library, and the Garritan products excluding GIO suffer from this. So, there's a nice new piano bundled with GPO5, but I can't use it because I need the release controller so I can have that nice dreamy sound of the piano, but no each note abruptly stops and it just doesn't sound good like that. The same goes with all the rest of the GPO5 instruments (most of them). They just abruptly stop... I contacted customer service a while ago, and I tried contacting them on their forum (no reply on forum). So, a what could be good library is just sitting there not being used just like GPO4. Well, at least I got quite a bit of Vienna libraries which does have attack and release controllers! One reason why I love GPO is because the instruments are dry just like Vienna. Unfortunately, they don't have even the basics like attack and release which I need. So, sadly to say, I won't be purchasing anymore products from Garritan because of this. The only complete library they have that has these controllers is GIO that I have seen so far. WI, GPO4, GPO5 don't have them.

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    Re: Profound Disappointment

    i would'nt say i was profoundly disappointed in the GPO 5 upgrade, but in fact the excessive vibrati on the solo and small ensemble strings limits their usefulness. i would very much prefer if Gary could find some string samples that had light or no vibrato too.

    other thing: the Full Section in the new strings has no staccato or short bows at all! i use this all the time for sketching and grand legatos are not enough. i would like to see the alternating shorts in the Instant Orchestra done with the great sounding new GPO 5 Full Section.

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