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Topic: Win 98 & Win XP on one computer???

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    Win 98 & Win XP on one computer???

    anybody running both systems on one computer successfully???

    I want to build a new computer & think about using my Korg Oasys PCI in it. Unfortunately there are NO win XP drivers available. So I would switch between systems if possible.

    Any advise on how to do it easily if managable?

    By the way: Do you know if turning the power supply on & off puts strain on PCI cards & damages them this way in the long run?

    thanks in advance


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    Re: Win 98 & Win XP on one computer???

    Yes, you can have both OS\'s on one system in a dual boot configuration. You will need to install each OS to a separate partition and the apps have to be installed separately for each OS. So if you install an app into WinXP you won\'t be able to run it in Win 98. You will also have to install it in Win98. You can share files between the 2 OS\'s as long as you use FAT32.

    Please note that Win 98 has to be installed first. Then install Win XP and it will give you the options to boot either system when it first starts. Win 98 doesn\'t support this and will write over the boot sector when installed. This is why is needs to be installed first.

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    Re: Win 98 & Win XP on one computer???

    Great news, Haydn. I\'ll do as you advise.
    thankx for the advise

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    Re: Win 98 & Win XP on one computer???

    I\'ve also installed W98 and XP on completely separate disks and used the BIOS setup screen to switch between them. This only works if you have a motherboard/bios that support boot disk selection.

    The nice thing about this is that there are no interdependencies. You can install OSs in either order, and you can remove/unplug one disk of the other without making either unbootable.

    The only real restriction as mentioned above is that W98 can only see FAT drives, so any data that you want W98 to see cannot be on an NTFS partition.

    I\'ve done dual boot both ways. This one boots faster when you want it to select the same OS as usual. It takes a bit more time to change personalities. If you have an old small hard drive laying around, this is what I\'d recommend. The multi-partition thing works too, but if you ever screw things up, you can spend a lot of time messing with boot.ini and such. I speak from experience!

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    Re: Win 98 & Win XP on one computer???

    Thankx Jon, but how do I find out if my motherboard does support boot/disk selection. I am going to get an ASUS PCP800 Deluxe... and how do I install it the way you suggest??? Can I for example take my already Win 98 working old hard drive and simply put it this way in the new computer & get a second drive to install WIn XP on it? Or do I have to install the old drive completely new (format & new Win 98 installation)? What MBO would you suggest if not the ASUS above?

    thankx in advance


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