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Topic: Three years later - The journey continues...

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    Three years later - The journey continues...

    n this day, July 31, 3 years ago, I was treated for cancer. I have not shared the procedure I went through, but I thought I'd share a brief scenario of what happened.

    The last week of July 2013, I was hooked up to a machine through the port in my chest to harvest healthy stem cells from my blood. Mind you, these were my own stem cells. No chance of rejection. On Monday, July 31, I began a 2-week stay at St. Lukes in Milwaukee. I was in isolation because what they were going to do to me would leave me vulnerable to any possible infection.

    On July 31 I received a massive dose of chemo. This was to kill all of the cancer in my bone marrow. I should tell you the cancer I had was called Multiple Myeloma. It's related to Leukemia and it manifests itself in the bone marrow. It also affects your white blood cells and can cause bony masses on your skeletal structure, especially the spine, which is what I had. Anyway, 24 hours later on August 1 the staff gave me my healthy stem cells back. The hope was the stem cells would regenerate my immune system and my white blood cells the chemo had just destroyed along with the cancer. After 2 weeks my white blood cell count went from near zero to healthy enough I could go home.

    The medical staff had to check on me weekly for the next 100 days. I just had a check up with my oncologist 2 weeks ago and I can say the cancer is still gone. It was an amazing procedure, one I never dreamed possible. I was the 803rd patient to have gone through this procedure. They still have more of my stem cells frozen just in case there is the need for another transplant.

    That's my story and some more background into The Journey Symphony.

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    Re: Three years later - The journey continues...

    So glad to hear how your journey will still be continuing. Great story and a great outcome. What a medical team and hospital!
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