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Topic: Speaker placement

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    Speaker placement

    I\'ve just set up a studio room in my house and have noticed that sound quality, although better sence of space, has a kind of \"boom\" sound to the bass - the same dynamic range but not as focussed. Does anyone know how I can reduce/eliminate this? Would speaker stands or rubbermats help? BTW the monitors I have are EMES Pink TV active.

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    Re: Speaker placement

    Where are the speakers in your room? Are they in corners? This will usually cause the bass to boom? What kind of furniture is in your room? What kind of flooring - tile, carpet, wood? Do the windows have curtains? Does the room have mirrors? All these items have to be looked at to determine where the reflections are coming from.

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    Re: Speaker placement

    Happy New Year all!! The speakers aren\'t in corners but they are on a custom built desk which is basically mdf with a few support rods underneath. The windows have curtains, but I keep the curtains open. There are no mirrors and the flooring is thin carpet. To raise the speakers I have them standing on a couple of books, could this be the cause do you think?

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    Re: Speaker placement

    Speakers themselves can be boomy, you can have room problems, and you can make things worse by putting the speakers close to walls or (as brewick says) in corners.

    That doesn\'t mean walls and corners are categorically wrong, just that they will accentuate the low end. But open windows suck up a lot of bass, so that my not be the issue.

    Putting the speakers on books may make the bass less defined, but it probably isn\'t going to make them boomy.

    Try moving the speakers somewhere else to see if they\'re the culprit.

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    Re: Speaker placement

    It sounds like your room has some problems. Try looking up some stuff on bass traps and the like. They make a big difference. I know several people who have made their own for mucho cheapo.

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    Re: Speaker placement

    Thanks guys, I\'ve looked on the Sound On Sound website and there are a few good articles there regarding studio setup. Here is one of them: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/May03/articles/studioinstal4.asp?session=6af5b2f7155e4419b69d0d04 a1bfadde

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    Re: Speaker placement

    It could be that the room needs bass trapping, or not. We can\'t tell from what we know here. The only hint is that the speakers are in front of an open window.

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    Re: Speaker placement

    I\'m beginning to think that part of the reason is that I\'m not used to having the full bass responce from my speakers (they were set up in my bedroom before), but also that I will need some form of bass trapping in my studio. I\'m moving a sofa in to the back of the room soon so I will see how this affects the sound.

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    Re: Speaker placement

    You can trust your ears when they\'re telling you something sounds wrong. Full bass response doesn\'t sound boomy, it sounds great.

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    Re: Speaker placement

    First try putting your speakers on rubber/foam mats. This will eliminate a lot of the sympathetic vibrations which are setup in your desk when bass is transfered from the speaker cabinets. I use the 1 inch foam squares that came with my VSL library. Another reason to buy VSL [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Another inexpensive change to make certain your speaker cones are not positioned parallel to your walls (standing waves). Though like others have said, you may have to buy some bass traps. Bruce Richardson has a wonderful article (2 parts) on what he did to his studio http://www.prorec.com/prorec/articles.nsf/files/D51DA0B4344E508386256C190080663A

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