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Topic: PC building regrets?

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    PC building regrets?

    Anyone wish they\'d done things differently? 10k rpms? That sort o thing? Tell me what not to screw up, please.

    I\'m hoping to have the parts by Monday so I can build one PC to be my orchestra sample player. I figure I can build a computer before EWQL Orch will jibe with my OSX. And I\'m starting to get the shakes.

    Of course, I\'m trying to do it for cheap.

    Already dismissed the shuttle PC box because it only has two RAM slots and I don\'t wanna pay for the 1g chips but we have to have 2g in these machines, no?

    And such like that.

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    Re: PC building regrets?


    I always build my machines. You save about 66% doing it yourself. I get all of my PC gear from Zipzoomfly.com They are all handpicked too! I stay away from generics and stick with true Intel components, (Motherboards and CPU)

    Alan Russell

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    Re: PC building regrets?

    Definetely quiet power supply/fans.

    Also, try not to buy the latest speed CPU. Buy the one a couple of models back and invest that money saved in as much ram as possible.

    Getting hard drive\'s with 8 meg caches can help with streaming.

    Thats all I can think of right now.

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    Re: PC building regrets?

    Oh, try and match your brands of ram and spend a little more for a name brand. Nothing worse than bad or incompatible ram crashing your system.

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    Re: PC building regrets?

    I hear \"GOOD\" RAM a lot. But what does that mean? I\'m putting a WD 10k SATA in there, but need to be spoonfed the RAM thing.

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    Re: PC building regrets?

    Mainly a name brand like Corsair or Kingston. Some brands offer a lifetime warranty with their RAM, definetely go for those. I wouldnt bother trying to save dollars by using a no-name brand.

    Main thing is, make sure to buy the SAME brand if you are buying more than one stick. Some people even go so far as to buy the ram from the same batch of production. This can be determined by the serial numbers on the stick. I dont bother going to this length though.

    Regards, Scott.

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    Re: PC building regrets?


    >Mainly a name brand like Corsair or Kingston>

    I always use Corsair with the heat sinks.
    2 gigs minimum in each machine..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: PC building regrets?

    My friend and I have this largely scoped out. The RAM he has penciled in is by Crucial,which is I guess by Micron Tech.


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    Re: PC building regrets?

    I always build my own machines so I can hand pick the parts.

    One thing I did right on my last one was investing into quiet power supplies (Nexus), CPU fan (Zalman) and a quiet video card. I can barely hear the PC now.

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    Re: PC building regrets?

    Crucial RAM is fine...I\'ve never heard any problems with it.


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