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Topic: Laptop Giga Studio?

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    Laptop Giga Studio?

    Anyone know how well a Laptop will handle the Giga Studio?

    Toshiba p25 17\" Laptop
    Pentium 4
    2.8 GHz
    1 G Ram
    80 Gig HD for OS internal
    120 Glyph External Firewire HD for Giga Software
    Motu 828 Audio interface

    Also running Sonar on the same machine.

    My first choice was to buy the MusicXPC through Sweetwater Sound but they (Sweetwater)told me my laptop would do the job.

    Wondering if anyone\'s had success with a laptop giga studio?

    It would be nice to spend the money on the library.

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    Re: Laptop Giga Studio?

    well, haven\'t tried it but was about to (even bought the fastest PC notebook I could find and afford- 2.4GHz, 1GB RAM...a year ago). I got Cakewalk 9 running 12-15 tracks of mono audio with Cakewalk effects, all running off of the 5400rpm internal drive (So I had hope I could do it). I bought a AVammo firewire 400 drive (was looking into firewire soundcards)...was ready to go...but returned the computer (fans were loud and driving me nuts)

    Anyway, to get back to your situation, hard disk must have 9ms minimum seek time (maybe you know this already) for gigasamples to be effective.
    And dedicated pathways for your external devices seemed a must to get some usability.

    I wondered this for my possible set up:

    -USB 2.0 HD 1 for audio
    -firewire 400 HD for gigasamples
    -PCMCIA firewire adapter to host the firewire soundcard

    ..it all looks very doable granted the system is not pushing a huge orchestral arrangment. I still am curious as heck if it can be done...haven\'t run into anyone who has tried. And I\'ve asked on a few forums and audio websites...no replies from anyone.

    Are you lacking Gigastudio to try yourself?

    Please keep us posted if you get it running.

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    Re: Laptop Giga Studio?

    Thanks for the reply.

    I just ordered Giga Studio and will give it a try on my laptop. I\'ve got nothing to lose. Worse case senerio, I end up buying a computer (which I had originally planned to do from the beginning.)

    I\'ll post the results.


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    Re: Laptop Giga Studio?

    For Giga 2.5 the processing speed isn\'t that big a deal. But you\'ll want to get as much RAM as your laptop can stomach.

    For audio, either get an Echo Indigo, or one of the Firewire audio cards from M-Audio.

    For sample drives go firewire.

    The nice thing with the firewire audio cards and hard drives, is that they can easily move to another machine in the future. The key is to get a PC loaded to the gills with RAM.

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    Re: Laptop Giga Studio?

    Jon, have you got some experience running Giga and sequencer on one laptop? I know it\'s a no-no to run them on the same desktop machine-which I do... (let alone laptop!) but just really curious to hear some real world results.

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    Re: Laptop Giga Studio?

    I don\'t have Giga on a laptop, but I\'ve read a number of posts from people who do. RAM, a GSIF soundcard and a 7,200 rpm hard drive are the keys, whether its on your lap or your desk.

    Let us know how your Giga laptop turns out.

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    Re: Laptop Giga Studio?

    Tried gs160 (running stand alone) with the EW Bos Piano on a Sony 733 laptop with 256 mgs ram & usb122... and it actually worked quite well in live performance. But I wouldn\'t even try that rig for audio/midi recording, especially with Sonar and gs together... for that I wouldn\'t want to go with anything much less than my regular home machine. If a laptop were my only choice for recording with Sonar and gs, I\'d be thinking at least a ghz (or 2) speed, a gb ram, fw hd, and usb122 audio/midi. Though you might get by on the lower end of the spectrum with the internal hd if all you record is midi.


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    Re: Laptop Giga Studio?

    I know it\'s all guessing but theoretically it should be possible to have a basic giga/sequncing laptop.

    Some notebooks come with desktop processors, can hold GBs of RAM. With firewire/USB 2.0 ports and ability thru PCMCIA adapters to add more of those ports, speedy RAM-filled notebooks should be in the ballpark for getting some audio tracks with some gigs streaming. Not a lot! But I\'d think at least some Should be possible.

    Can\'t wait to hear the results.

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    Re: Laptop Giga Studio?

    Thanks for the input concerning my laptop guinea pig. I\'m waiting for all my hardware and software to come in. Probably will take a week.

    From what I\'ve read here and on a couple other forums, there seems to be caution that [at best] my laptop will only perform a few streaming giga tracks.

    I\'m a newbie to giga studio (Never heard of it until this week--I\'ve had my head in the sand).

    I decided to build a new midi studio and I\'v been agonizing over what gear to buy. There\'s nothing out there that sound\'s half-ways decent except for Roland\'s XV racks/modules. I was just about to buy some when by chance I discovered Giga Studio.

    The sound blew me away and I decided to set up a Giga Studio.

    However, in my ignorance, I think I\'m expecting more than Giga can put out.

    I thought I would be able to sequence and stream 160 voices at any given moment--Hoping to be able score whole orchestral arrangements and not have to deal with drop-out.

    From what I\'m reading in the forums, it sounds like a good setup requires a minimum of 2 computers if not more.

    I\'m still going to attempt it with my laptop and if that does not give me adequate results, then I\'m going for a dedicated computer. (I\'m kind of hoping that it doesn\'t work!!!)


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    Re: Laptop Giga Studio?


    I use a brand new HP ZD 7000 laptop with external 80 Go firewire harddrive for gig files and Tascam US-122 for audio.

    I use Giga Studio 96 & Cubase VST 5.1 on the same laptop. He has PIV 2.6, 512 Mo, DD 40 Go (for Windows & Programs), 17 Widescreen.

    Everything is ok: I use 96 voices, 32 Midi parts, no scratch, no bips, no shut down.


    YOU MUST USE A SEPARATE FIREWIRE DRIVE (NOT A USB2) FOR THE GIG FILES: use a 4 pins/6 pins cable for the laptop.

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