Media friendly, Trump supporting, Paypal founder Peter Thiel is spending a fortune to cheat death and is focusing on a treatment which uses injections of the blood of kids to stay young.
While the technique does sound a bit vampiric, it was actually something the Martians did in the HG Well’s War of the Worlds, which might have led to their early deaths.
According to Inc Thiel has channelled millions of dollars into startups working on anti-aging medicine, and spends considerable time and money researching therapies for his personal use.
One of these treatments is called parabiosis, and, according to Thiel, it’s a potential biological Fountain of Youth–the closest thing science has discovered to an anti-aging panacea. It is getting attention from mainstream researchers, with multiple clinical trials underway in humans in the U.S. and even more advanced studies in China and Korea.
He is involved in a company called Ambrosia which recently commenced one of the trials. Titled “Young Donor Plasma Transfusion and Age-Related Biomarkers.” Basically it involves giving healthy participants aged 35 and older a transfusion of blood plasma from donors under 25. The researchers then monitor their blood over the next two years for molecular indicators of health and aging. The patients pay $8,000 to take part.
The idea is that the young blood reverses aging symptoms across every major organ system. It is not clear why, but the younger organisms’ blood not only contains all sorts of proteins that improve cell function; somehow it also prompts the recipients’ body to increase its production of those proteins.
Ambrosia was contacted by Jason Camm, chief medical officer at Thiel Capital, who expressed interest in what the company was doing. Camm is Theil’s personal health director and lists his job as looking for methods to increase prospects for optimal health and significant lifespan extension.
Thiel has said in interviews that people were a little too biased against anti-aging science. He added that he was looking into “parabiosis stuff”, which he thinks is really interesting.
The question is where can you get enough blood of young people as it is not something you can get at Tescos, even a Tesco in Transylvania.
One also has to wonder if this story would have been written if Thiel had not bankrupted Gawker by funding the Hulk Hogan case.