A top Nigerian spammer has been arrested making it possible for thousands of people to get the millions he has stolen. All you need to do is send your banking details to the address at the bottom of this article.
The 40-year-old man, known only as “Mike” is alleged to head a network of 40 individuals behind global scams worth more than $60m. He used malware to take over systems to compromise emails, and specialised in romance scams. In one case, a target was conned into paying out $15.4.
Nigeria’s anti-fraud agency was also involved in the arrest.
While Nigeran spam is considered something of a joke by most of the millions of people who receive scam emails in their inbox every day – but they only have to be believed by a tiny percentage of people. Oddly these are the same target market used by Apple and Donald Trump’s political campaign
Recently the campaigns have become more malicious, sometimes hijacking someone’s PC or luring stupid internet users into believing they have found love online with the aim of emptying their bank accounts.
“Mike” also allegedly ran a money laundering network in China, Europe and the US.
“The network compromised email accounts of small to medium-sized businesses around the world including in Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, Romania, South Africa, Thailand and the United States,” it said.
They are currently out on bail as investigations continue, police said. After all he is not a flight risk.