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Topic: Designing new DAW, please review

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    Designing new DAW, please review

    I\'m building new gigamachine and here are the specs. I\'m planning to get 1-3 computers like this:

    </font><ul type=\"square\">[*]<font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Case: Desktop Antec Overture, 128.7 e link

    Motherboard: Intel La Crosse D865GLCLK, Intel 865G, 127.5 e link

    Prosessor: Intel P4 HT 2400 MHz s478 Northwood, 512 KB, 800, 179 e

    Memory: Ki HyperX KiT, 512+512MB 400Mhz DDR-RAM DIMM x2, 504 e

    Harddrives: Western Digital Caviar WD400JB 40.0GB, 68.1 e

    Western Digital Raptor SerialATA 74.3GB, 278.1 e

    Sony DDU1621 16x, DVD-rom</font>[/list]<font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">
    1323.4 euros total

    This setup cost quite a deal. Could you propose any alternative setups? For example do I need those Kinston\'s HyperX DDRs? Or is this a good packet? I\'m planning to use Opus1 and many other older sample libraries, Windows XP home, Gigastudio 160 and Fx teleport/Gigaport- system so no soundcard. I\'m still thinking about this. Please give me some suggestions.



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    Re: Designing new DAW, please review


    whwn it comes to Hard drives I always get myself a Maxtor 200 Gig for $162 US Dollars. It has 8mb Cache at 7200 RPM..this works fine.
    Ram I keep at 2 Gigs..(PC 3200) and I do stick soley with Intel Motherboards and CPU\'s As far as the tower or case is concerned, I use a minimum of 4 fans inside each one.
    www.zipzoomfly.com is priced just right.

    JMHO, others may differ

    Alan Russell

    Alan Russell

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    Re: Designing new DAW, please review

    Hi Tabbu,

    For Giga 2.5 this machine is a bit over-built. Maybe not for Giga 3.0. We\'ll find out later this week...

    Do you care if the machine is quiet? If so, selection of the hard drives, power supply, heatsink, video card and motherboard are critical. There are other threads here that have a lot of info on the subject.

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